The following is about a Stationery Voyagers episode. For the Law & Order: SVU episode by the same name, please see "Zebras (Law & Order: Special Victims Unit)" instead.

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"Zebras" is the ninth episode of the first season of Stationery Voyagers, and documents how former NBJPD officer Clandish Consto accepts his destiny to become the evil Cybomec.


Ronda Moleary and Mitchell Lomken discover a mysterious drawing of a Lightning Zebra in Ronda's diary. As they contemplate on its meaning, Clandish Consto and Maraldos discuss the Zebra's origins. Friar Rubberion convinces Neone to go back to her old life as much as possible, while waiting for her new one to take shape. He notices that she looks familiar, and gets a DNA sample when she isn't looking. Upon becoming Cybomec, Consto vows to finish what he started.



A scroll of the Lightning Zebra Legend

With Ronda now mostly recovered from her surgery, she begins showing off her loft to an interested Mitchell. The two begin to forge a relationship, while Eliot and Cal begin to discuss founding a creation science center. Mitchell inquires what the significance is of a lightning-emitting zebra figure sketched on a page of Ronda's diary. Eliot immediately gets excited, and wonders along with Mitchell about the zebra's importance.

While Neone receives counseling from Friar Rubberion, a vengeful Pentacko sends out a mob in pursuit of her. Consto, anguishing his failed attempt on Neone's life, is greeted by Maraldos and offered a chance at a new life. On condition he may continue to pursue Neone, Consto consents to Maraldos' offer. Maraldos proceeds to tell Consto the Legend of the Lightning Zebra.

A flashback reveals a wise sage on Markerterion named Sorbiko, who has a vision and reveals its significance. The Zebra becomes symbolic of the coming of Minshus, and this in turn makes the Zebra part of the Markerterioni Minshan Writings.

Maraldos contacts the Byzerum to let Captain Nonpriel know that Consto has consented to become their new agent. After being mechanized, he argues he doesn't like the code name of "Cybernetic Mechanical." Maraldos compromises with him, and he adopts the nickname of "Cybomec."

As Rubberion prepares Neone to return to the Rilage Space Center undercover, he carefully manages to get a sample of her DNA for testing. Meanwhile, an artificially-reincarnate Cybomec vows to pursue Neone at least one more time.


  • This is the first (and so far only) episode to share a common name with an episode of Law and Order: SVU.
  • It is also the third episode to have a name similar to that of an episode from any TV show currently or once-airing.

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