The following describes an episode of Stationery Voyagers. For the Disney theme park attraction that lasted from 1955 to 1960, see "The World Beneath Us" instead.

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"Worlds Beneath" is the fourth episode of season 4 of Stationery Voyagers, part 2 of the Night of the Whiteout trilogy, and the 56th episode overall.


As Liquidon's condition worsens, he and Cindy must nevertheless battle the monsters that await them beneath the surface of Bulgadia if they wish to foil Varikton's plans to block out the sun with stolen muellexic technology. Liquidon learns more and more about the social dynamics between Mosquatlon and Aviatet, and how the 157-year feud got started. But they run into trouble when Mauvio Polygluss and the Mystery Wanderer seem to have their own agenda.


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