"Woodycow Go" is an episode of Ferris State Live produced by the spring 2010 TVPR 499 class at Ferris State University. Produced on February 15th and aired on February 19th of 2010, it is the fifth show of the spring semester of 2010 and the 18th episode of the 2009-2010 season overall.


What is Geocaching?

Jodey Gardei, 125th Team Committee Member of the campus' Geocaching Team, joined guest Randy Shanks to talk with Leah about geocaching. Scott was not available for the first segment, so Leah had to go it alone. Leah had no idea what geocaching was, or acted like she didn't. But she did call it a "high-tech scavenger hunt." Jodey claimed it's exactly that. Several treasures have been discovered using GPS units. Leah then asked what the 125th team is all about. He explained that essentially, students are given coordinates to find that coincide with campus history. Following the coordinates, said students then learn bit-by-bit a tour of the campus' history. Leah's request for more explanation and for spoilers of the tour were denied.

Jodey inserted that participating students had their names thrown into a hat. From that hat, names would be chosen to see who could discover what first about campus history, based on where the coordinates they had led them. Winners got prizes. Leah grew curious about where the tour would start. To that end, Randy explained students would begin in the greater Big Rapids area and work their way back to the campus.

Leah then asked what kinds of things usually get dug up during the geocache hunt. According to Jodey, T-shirts and documents about campus history are the most common finds. Later on, Leah asked what students' favorite findings were. Randy argued that it's unfair to ask that question, since everyone gets something else out of the event. However, he believes the adventure itself is what makes it worthwhile for everyone.

The trio agreed on one thing right away: There'd be a lot more geocaching participants in May than in February. The adventure is fun when all that goes wrong are the coordinates. But when frostbite is involved, it's not so fun. Leah finally asked what the biggest handout prize is for geocaching winners, and Jodey responded that it'd be a big, fancy coin. There were 125 coins available, since it was the 125th Anniversary.

The FLITE library offers for students to borrow GPS units.

Keeping Woody's vision alive

Bill Potter of the University College came on to talk about how his section of the university is keeping Woody's goals in mind. His first indicator to Leah was that there's still a tutoring center on campus that's continuing to go strong. Unlike some other colleges, Ferris offers it for free. And they claim they'll tutor for any subject, pending availability of a tutor for said subject. However that's more of a disclaimer than Bill lets on. Time management, which a lot of students never received in high school, has often times been the tutoring center's biggest focus. All incoming freshman are expected to take a one-credit class as well, one about time management. Freshmen getting D's are actually encouraged to hit the tutoring center ASAP.

Undecided students may receive a class called Career Exploration 102, leading them to a better decision in choosing a major. Trial semester students also use the tutoring center. However, the biggest program is for degree-ill-equipped students.

Blue cows and hockey sticks

It's COLD out there! So began Scott complaining many times over about how cold it is up in Big Rapids. What's an athletic student to do in that shivering blizzard of northern wasteland? Hit the gymn, perhaps. Or go to Festival of the Arts, as Sandy pointed out. He even reminded Scott of how the Blue Cow Cafe had a jazz concert as part of the festival. Crossroads Charter Academy and Big Rapids High School also pitched in wherever they could. A few potters and what not showed off their pottery and ceramic artwork displays at the festival also.

Sandy predicted that Ferris Hocky, in spite doing well, would have a near-impossible time battling against Miami, as also would MSU. Alaska, Lake Superior, and U of M would also be vying to take over Feris' spot of being tied with MSU. Scott plugged the Bulldog Athletics page for anyone curious about what was going on with either the hockey or baseketball teams.

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