The ad for Wilson's Pig Market was an assignment for COMM 385 "Broadcast Writing" class with Donna Smith in the spring semester of 2009 at Ferris State University. It was written by the Dozerfleet founder as a class exercise initially, then digitized on January 16th of 2009. A script nearly-identical to the original has been embedded below.


In the first of a series of several scripts of ad copy that would be required of students to write for class-related purposes, the "Wilson's Pig Market Ad" began as a simple exercise in writing a 15-second radio commercial. The assignment template called for students to write the ad for a fictional store named Wilson's, advertising that they had a Monday-Wednesday sale on all pork products in the store. The ad also had to mention that they were on "Michigan Ave."

Not wishing to keep everything simple, the Dozerfleet founder made Wilson's Grocery Store into Wilson's Pig Market, a store that specializes in different cuts of pork. The store existed on the outskirts of a town called Giddewaltz, DE, not far from the home of the Trapezoid Kids. The resultant script consisted mostly of bad meat jokes.

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Wilson's Pig Market is one of several stores along Michigan Ave. in the same zip code as Giddewaltz, DE. They are a store with an announcer who sounds near-identical to Terry Hanks the Elder of Sundance Chevrolet in Grand Ledge, MI. Wilson's is a very unorthodox store, often slaughtering the pigs that it intends to cut up and give to the customer even while the customer walks in through the door. The store boasts about having meat "so fresh," [they'll] butcher the hog right in front of [the customer].


The class mostly found the assignment amusing, especially for the Terry Hanks parody aspect of it. It was a considerable deviation from expectations for a script of its sort. However, nobody expected it would become part of a running gag.

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