"Why She Said 'Seven Days' " is a song from the Every Ape and His Brother collection Morbid! The Horrendous Hobo!!!. It is a parody of Leanne Womack's song "Why They Call It 'Falling'."


Instead of being about falling in and out of love, this parody changes the focus to one of Samara Morgan from The Ring, and the way in which she claims her victims.

The lady in the song, as the song discusses in depth, is bent on explaining in detail to the listener what is essentially much of the plot of the film, set to a country tune.


This song was the second one to be submitted to AmIRight's website in the years between 2003 and 2004. It seemed a natural fit for a Leanne Womack song, in spite not being something that artist would normally sing about. The lyrics were copied to a Word file on November 12th of 2006 at 1:16 AM EST. On February 12th of 2007, the first copy of this song was printed some place other than AmIRight. Around 6:53 AM EST, the first article version of this song was submitted to DozerfleetWiki 1.[1].


The song has yet to gather any reviews.


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"Why She Said 'Seven Days' "


(Instrumental opening)

First verseEdit

It's just watching, /
Then it's freaky! /
Then it's altogether creepy! /

Then she calls you; /
And it takes away your air! /

Next there's static, /
Then there's nothing! /
And your health will fade for one thing! /

It's like one day; /
You knew she'd give you a scare! /


But why she said "Seven Days..." /
Why she said "Seven Days..." /
Why she said "Seven Days..." /

Who can know??? /

(Instrumental break)

Second verseEdit

In her fashion, /
There's no laughter! /
But a nosebleed four days after! /

You just knew that; /
She would come and burn your arm! /

Every night, / you'd see the fly buzz! /
And the horse's eye just because! /

You're just certain, /
That it's Hades you have found! /

[Repeat Chorus]


But you can't live your life, /
Coughing electrodes! /

And sooner or later, /
Out the TV she goes! /

Third verseEdit

She'll take your life! /
Stop your heart! /
Your neck will fall apart! /

Then she'll put you, /
In a position of gloom... /

It's a well, / like a cave, /
It's dark, dank, and depraved! /

But she'll move on, /
And she'll kill somebody new!/

Final chorusEdit

But why she said "Seven Days..." /
Why she said "Seven Days..." /
Why she said "Seven Days..." /

Now you know!!! /

Why she said "Seven Days..." /
Why she said "Seven Days..." /

Now you know!!! /

[Instrumental fade]

Lyrics © 2004 Dozerfleet Records.


  1. "History Page for Article 'Why She Said Seven Days'." DozerfleetWiki 1. Dozerfleet Productions. February 12th, 2007. 6:53 AM EST.
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