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"When Worlds Unite" is the tenth episode of season 4 of Stationery Voyagers and the 63rd episode overall.


An Aviatet force gives its all with the Russalian military for backup, as Drismabons return fire with everything they have. More Drismabons attack the Crooked Rainbow, killing them brutally as a way of "thanking" them. A few escape to hiding places in ravaged cities, vowing to seek their eventual revenge by infiltrating churches and promoting a new definition of marriage.

Their threat includes raids, violence, and intimidation against Minshan faith bodies that don't play along. (Though Mummaldians remain exempt from this threat.) Even more Drismabons begin attacking the Mosquatlon Underground. However, right when all seems hopeless, the extra Markerterion militia forces arrive. They are soon joined by some additional Statian and Whixtitian fighting forces. Alas, the Drismabons prove to be too powerful.

Alhox suddenly reveals to Pextel and the gang that nearly the entire world of Drizad has been vacated for the Second Drisalian War. Only Melchar remains on the throne, feeding instructions to his minions from afar. To defeat the Drismabons, every Voyager that helped Melchar has to team up with Alhox and travel to Drizad, risking all they have to defeat the evil king in an all-out brawl.


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