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"What Sorcery is This?" is the thirteenth episode of season 3 of Stationery Voyagers, and the 46th episode overall.


Details are scarce for now, but this episode will begin a four-part arc wherein which Pextel goes dormant without his fuel rods. Wizard Rupert Lamdock realizes that his plans to destroy Minshan culture in Antia by spreading demonic influence through the Paltaki Organization have been thrown a curve ball. His powers grow weaker, and he needs a way to strengthen them. He kidnaps RMM officer Melanie Horquetza, and negotiates with Captain Nonpriel to have the latter's soul in exchange for Melanie's safety. He keeps her locked up as a "security deposit." With Nonpriel selling his soul, Lamdock uses the newfound powers this grants him to turn the Voyagers human. He tries to trap them in a mall filled with death traps he and Nonpriel plant there. However, the Voyagers' ingenuity and help from Levío allows them to survive long enough that authorities are able to rescue them. Frustrated with the failure of this plan, Lamdock scatters them across Mantith. They search for a way to break Lamdock's spell, while he and Nonpriel plot how next they will kill each Voyager.


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