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The Web of Destiny or Web of Fate is a metaphysical concept of great importance to characters in the Dozerfleet Megaverse. It is said to be the playing field at which Volition Dilemma and Vocational Destiny are reconciled.


  1. God has sovereign will. (The Rod of Destiny, ultimate Path of History.)
  2. Volition Dilemma requires lesser beings to have free will, to love and accept or hate and reject, for a time.
  3. Lesser beings asserting this will interact with one another, whether consciously or unconsciously altering the subdetails of fate around the Rod, yet unable to change the Rod's ultimate destiny for human history.
  4. "Fate" is what happens when wills intersect. Higher fates are defined by superior wills vs. inferior ones.
  5. The intricate interaction of wills intersecting forms a web-like structure of connected intersections.

Hence, fate is a web of free wills, all either attempting to complement one another, or cancel each other out. Yet, Higher History cannot be ruined or destroyed. Only little details of destiny can be changed. The Rod determines the extent to which any of these small changes matter.

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