"War Crimes" is a song off the Every Ape and His Brother album The Chicken of the Opera. It is the tenth track, and completes the album.


The song has been planned since December of 2010, when the Dozerfleet founder first heard Katy Perry's song "Firework" playing over the loudspeakers at a bowling alley with the staff of SWOCC Studios. The empty message of "inner strength" is here defied with a "too bad; you're doomed anyway" scenario. It remained on the shelf until February 25th of 2012 around 12:30 PM EST, when it was finally completed and then submitted to


In the song, a young married couple is fleeing for their lives as their home neighborhood is invaded by an army willing to do whatever it takes to indulge in ethnic cleansing. The song is from the wife's point of view, as she sees her world succumb to an apocalyptic manifestation of multiple horrors.


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War Crimes

First verseEdit

I know how you feel; / like the end's arrived! /
We have lost the war / soon we'll surely die. /

Gained the upper hand / They'll blow us away! /
Their goal / we don't live / to see another day! /

They've already dug / the mass graves really deep! /
And they'll chase down / retreating parties! / Piled in heaps! /

Do you know if there's / a chance to pull through? /
Are we / cannon fodder / for their rookie crew? /

First chorus lead-inEdit

Avoid the grass/
Land mines / avast! /

Don't breathe / deep now! /
They've launched / mustard gas! /

First chorusEdit

Cause baby / they want / genocide! /
Stalk us / till we all / have died! /

Look up above for / crying / out / loud! /
Threats to hit us / with a / mush- / -room / cloud! /

Cut our numbers / near in half! /
Engineering / strains / of Staph! /

Then to one-third / because / who /
Who'd've guessed / they'd use / Navajo / flu? /

Second verseEdit

They don't simply want / all of our present space. /
Push us / in the sea / want to end our race. /

Soon their evil will; / backfire on them! /
But by then, / my dear / I fear we're both dead! /

It could be treason why / it was so easy! /
They have no trouble / blowing our minds up / so lit'rally! /

Like a cluster strike, / they do not relent! /
We should cut them down / because they won't repent! /

[Repeat Chorus Lead-in]
[Repeat first chorus]


Doom, / doom, / doom! /
All our days / are filled with / endless gloom! /

They throw grenades / endlessly / right at you! /
Trying to kill / your little / puppy too! /

Second chorusEdit

Cause baby / they want / genocide! /
Won't rest / till we all / have died! /

Others shrieking out: / "Oh! No!" /
They're hit with / chlorine trifluoride / flow! /

Baby / this is / genocide! /
Half our neighbors / now / are fried! /

Chopped them all up / left and right! /
We'd better keep on runnin' / out of sight! /


Doom, / doom, / doom! /
All our days / are filled with / endless gloom! /

Doom, / doom, / doom! /
All our days / are filled with / endless gloom! /

Lyrics © 2012 Dozerfleet Records.

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