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"Vorandia" is the seventh episode of season 4 of Stationery Voyagers and is the 60th episode overall.


With Althorpe finally dead, the Yehtzigs and la-Qualda begin a retreat from Port Metaball. They swear revenge as they leave. A funeral is held for Bulgie, and prayers are said for the Voyagers. While Neone's flu gets worse, Marlack formally proposes to her in the emergency room. Alhox stops on Mantith's moon of Vorandia to avoid detection by what he observes to be upcoming Drismabon vessels, and notices a ship of Statians stranded.

He manages to pull off a rescue right before Drismabon fire destroys the entire moon. Pextel and his crew successfully detonate the Wanderer's smart system, and quickly notice Bluque and his entire palace vanish into the Muellex. However, the Wanderer begins laughing uncontrollably.


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