Vocations is the first season of the mythical drama Stationery Voyagers. Planning began for it in May of 2000 and writing began in March of 2008. As of August of 2009, it is currently in the process of being written, with the first episode and two minisodes already written.


Vocations focuses primarily on defining the conflict between good and evil essential to the story, establishing the series' moral framework, explaining who the Voyagers are, what their mission is, and demonstrating how they come together as a team to discover what their calling in life truly is. Along the way, both friends and enemies of theirs discover their own individual callings in life, and make difficult choices in relation to those callings.


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1 Scalding Inquiries David Stiefel - March 12, 2008 March 29, 2009 - 101 -
Mitchell Lomken and his butler Eliot Brownside discuss their land’s culture’s fall away from the Minshan faith, and the history that has led up to this fall. As they are doing so, Eliot informs Mitchell of the murder plot that went into the deaths of his parents and siblings. The two of them flee on a jet for Antia with assassins in hot pursuit. Whilst on the plane, Mitchell starts reading from his father’s literary work The Inktactillia, which paints a dramatic picture of the creation of Outer Reality, and ultimately, the Inktacto star system. The two of them are to arrive in the state of Kentalky to show the surviving works of the late Gordon Lomken to Cal Bacon, a man interested in building a Young Mantith Creation Science center. Meanwhile, the Rubblindo family of Pencils prepares for dinner as Arnold Rubblindo arrives home.
2 What Must Happen David Stiefel - July 7, 2009 - - 102 -
Arnold argues with his family about becoming an astronaut, and states his concerns over his girlfriend's suspicious disappearance. Mitchell and Eliot apply for refugee status and seek a cabin. Emperor Alhox and General Bluque discuss using imperial war to end the threat Astrabolo. Arnold seeks to know if his mother can accept those mechanized against her will, but she refuses to give an answer. Bluque holds a secret meeting with a "Mystery Wanderer," who assures him that everything is going according to plan and that what is about to happen is “what must happen.” Bluque maintains suspicions, but plays along with the Wanderer's game. Arnold leaves early in the morning to inspect his new campus and search for Pinkella. He soon finds himself in a near-fatal car accident. Rhodney gives Oceanoe his backstory. Rhodney Antilles, a red Up-Pen and one of Arnold's unlikely friends from high school, has a falling out with the Daredevils 4YU company that he and his friend Harvey Leadfort are a part of, and tells Harvey to be wary of Veronica as he doesn't trust her. Rhodney abandons the association and is recruited to the Voyager project by the Xyliens. In the present day, shortly after moving in to their new cabin, Mitchell and Eliot are ambushed by more assassins.
3 Outcasts David Stiefel - - - - 103 -
Arnold is abducted by Ted and Yonber, who take him to the underground city labs and transform him into the "mechie" model of “Performance-Enhanced, Xylien-built, T-standard-Engineered Librion,” or “PEXTEL.” Oceanoe Hendelbin recounts his past to Rhodney, as the latter suggests its only fair they both know where each other came from. Oceanoe replies that he joined the Voyager program to prove to his brother Obandy that he is not about to let his expulsion from the pop band Sketchcamp be the end of him. Alhox and Bluque go over their plans regarding the invasion of Port Metaball, as well as what order to conduct which campaign in. Alhox struggles to remember his past as the warrior who defeated the Drismabon King Melchar. Arnold wakes up and panics escaping the lab. Xylien agents are assembled to recapture him. Captain Nonpriel warns Maraldos, a spy hiding on Neothode, of rumors of a diplomacy scheme in effect by the Xylien Society. Mitchell and Eliot finally get to meet Cal Bacon; but while Eliot quickly gets himself involved in discussion with Cal, Mitchell is distracted by the plight of Ronda Moleary, who will die without a surgery she cannot afford. Arnold calls home amid panic, and his mother refuses to believe that it is Arnold that called her. He soon learns of his new-found abilities at a local restaurant. He begs his friend Katrina, a worker at the restaurant, to help him when the agents catch up. But she betrays and deactivates him instead. Mitchell and Eliot observe the sky, and note that the Muellex's behavior is unnatural. They consider it a sign that Stationery beings will soon visit Mantith. Meanwhile on Neothode, we are introduced to Neone Delft.
4 Vocational Destiny David Stiefel - - - - 104 -
The RMM's Blue Fleet suffers an attack from a pirate vessel, believed to be operated by Astrabolo. Back on Statios, Pinkella reveals herself to Pextel and calms him down. She assures him the Xyliens have a plan for him after all, as does God. Ribando offers Pextel further comfort, while Pinkella reminisces her recent past, beginning with the day she and Arnold graduated from high school. Her parents' adulterous affairs and ties with drug kingpins are revealed, and Pinkella decides to run away from the corrupt Bubblespeck Gum Factory. When her brother and his gay lover try to murder her and her entire family, she is rescued by a Xylien agent. Meanwhile, Neone's life comes undone when her father is killed and she is sold into sexual slavery to the ruthless mob boss Pentacko.
5 Settling David Stiefel - - - - 105 -
Pextel and Ribando finish talking, and Pextel is sent into training with the other Voyagers. Marlack Inkripe is revealed, and he soon joins them in training. Garret gets wounded in a battle against Althorpe's men, who have converted a few Mechies to their cause. Katrina, angry about losing Garret, tries to get his temporary replacement Will Rook to understand her desire to find Glario. Neone struggles to make due working as a call girl for Pentacko; she befriends fellow prostitute Susani Malone and regular customer Carl Worniti in the process. While Susani and Carl are initially reluctant to offer advice, they soon take pity on Neone and sympathize with her desire to escape.
6 Rodeo David Stiefel - - - - 106 -
The Voyagers get a day off from training, and try to keep a low profile in town. However, all that is changed when Marlack's grandfather is abducted during a botched robbery. Pextel and Rhodney agree to help Marlack attempt a rescue when it's clear how much he is disturbed. Katrina finds evidence that a Mechie may have been involved in the robbery, and joins the hunt in spite Pextel advising her that she not put her unborn child in danger. She argues that without Glario, the child has no future. She playfully tells Pinkella that she needs to "borrow the boyfriend" for a mission, and Pinkella playfully chides her back to "not break him." Marlack begins reminiscing his vows to his grandfather, including his desire to earn the right to inherit then Inkripe Ranch. He also has recollections of his sister; who similar to Katrina, was sexually assaulted by YPL pirates and impregnated. Meanwhile, Neone discovers Carl dead and then witnesses Susani's murder. In spite the vindictive Consto stalking her, Neone makes a desperate attempt to escape that results in a car chase through the streets of Nabijab with the madman in hot pursuit.
7 All That Remains David Stiefel - - - - 107 -
Marlack and company finally get his grandfather to safety, and the Mechie is revealed to be Stella-Marie. Stella-Marie gives Katrina information on Althorpe and Corphel Frank. Katrina relays that information to her superiors, who relay it to the appropriate departments and authorities. With rebellions and famines breaking out on the one-world government of Markerterion, Alhox decides to investigate and find was to pacify his world's problems. He also struggles with finding time for Pinkata and with remembering his past. Under pressure, he gives full executive control over the Imperial War to General Bluque Rentin. Garret recovers from his hospital stay, much to Katrina's relief, but Will promises to remain in close contact in case they hear anything more about Glario. Neone is revealed to have survived her escape attempt, having crossed a bridge on-podular into the enclave nation of Neomlot. She is found sleeping on the ground in a forest by Friar Rubberion, who takes her to his monastery for safekeeping.
8 Predecessors David Stiefel - - - - 108 -
The Voyagers finish a day of exercises in the space simulator, and Erasaxo Herrick allows them to move in to the Bindaf 3000. Erasaxo, the mechanic aboard the Bindaf 3000, explains the numerous tragedies that have made him the last of his kind, and how he wound up as the ship's mechanic. A few Skidders are there to greet the new Voyager team, including Katrina. When the Pextel grows curious about the ship's name, Garret decides the time has come to explain who the Metallic Voyagers were, and theories on why they never returned. The rest of the episode serves as a flashback. Neone's elementary school days are shown, as well as the beginnings of her feud with Clandish Consto. Alhox awakes in a hospital with head injuries on Markerterion, and learns that he was knocked out during his battle with Melchar. With much of his memory in tatters, he begins a political career to unify Markerterion. Bluque is among those who press him forward, and even campaign to make him a puppet emperor. Sensing Bluque has ulterior motives, the Xylien Society sends the Metallic Voyagers to investigate. However, the YPL intervenes and a three-way battle breaks out. Outnumbered and risking certain death, Bindaf 2000 captain Technitel orders a retreat to Whixtitout. Just then, a large fluctuation in the Muellex suddenly engulfs several ships involved in the incident, and the Metallic Voyagers are frozen in time. Gordon Lomken's assassins are revealed, and one among them named Ivan Witherpool makes clear his intent to not rest until no trace of Gordon's legacy remains.
9 Zebras David Stiefel - - - - 109 -
Ronda, Mitchell, Eliot, and Cal discover a sketch in Ronda's diary of a Lightning Zebra, and ponder its significance. Neone receives counseling from Friar Rubberion while Pentacko sends his mob in pursuit of her. Consto and Maraldos discuss the Legend of the Lightning Zebra, and Consto agrees to become Cybomec. Rubberion, suspicious of Neone's heritage, tricks her into providing a DNA sample for testing. Meanwhile, Cybomec vows to pursue Neone at least one more time.
10 A Cry For Help David Stiefel - - - - 110 -
Astrabolo is revealed, and he begins to strategize with his men what to do about the Save Neothode Program and the armies of Markerterion. His profit motive for destroying Statios is mentioned, and he hints at wishing genocide for the inhabitants of Whixtitout. He does not initially gives his reasons when his minions ask, but does ask them to inquire what is holding up Althorpe from a full-scale attempt to destroy Port Metaball. Bluque, under advice from the Mystery Wanderer, begins sending ships towards Statios at an increasing rate, plotting an attack on Port Metaball first. Glario Mochsund infiltrates a la-Qualda camp and begins surveying ways to rescue King Xanrixter's missing son, Prince Thrix. He relays his intentions to Katrina, who then informs Garret. Garret warns Katrina to keep her distance, instead assigning her to investigate a lead on Corphel Frank. Ribando congratulates the Voyagers on completing their training, and gives them a final blessing before launch day. Neone, now fully integrated into the Rilage Space Center, is under constant police supervision. She is informed of the Voyagers, and told that she has been reassigned to join their number. A Statian with nothing to lose has offered to replace her, arriving separately from the Voyagers. As Pentacko's men go on a rampage in the streets in pursuit of Neone, Cybomec begins confronting and killing them. He then proceeds to kill most of Pentacko's prostitutes in the vain hopes that one of them will lead him to Neone.
11 Legally Bound David Stiefel - - - - 111 -
An aggressive new lawyer, Spike Inkfong, begins creating difficulty for the Voyagers's mission, and their political friend Bulgie heads to Shaftar in their defense. Bluque's warships begin accelerating their approach of Port Metaball. Oceanoe discovers that Ted and Yonber have tried to market the Voyagers as action figures to little kids, much to the Voyagers' annoyance. Astrabolo finally decides to relay an attack order to Althorpe, while sending other men to scout Whixtitout for a sinister plot he has yet to reveal publicly.
12 Mach 86 David Stiefel - - - - 112 -
With RMM ships distracted by a war with Statios, Astrabolo carries out his evil plan. The Voyagers finally launch inside the Bindaf 3000. A few la-Qualda terrorists infiltrate the Xylien Underground to interfere with the launch, but are met with resistance from Laremin agents and Skidders. Mitchell searches for a job, with Ronda supporting him. At the same time, Eliot begins searching for the ideal retirement home. When Mitchell offers Eliot a place with him, Eliot argues that he has served his purpose in Mitchell's life; and that Mitchell must now make something of his life without Eliot's assistance. Mitchell shows concern, but Eliot points out that Ronda is more than an adequate replacement.
13 Invasive David Stiefel - - - - 113 -
Katrina negotiates with an AWOL mechie named Mitel to investigate Sprucethirst together while Garret provides cover. Glario successfully rescues Prince Thrix, but Thrix insists that they need to retrieve information from the la-Qualda camps before their mission can be declared a success. When Glario asks whom they need to rescue next, Glario mentions a Mechie named Stashel. On Neothode, Cybomec continues his killing spree. He begins contemplating what he will do with his quasi-life after killing Neone, and his thoughts become bent on power. He has a vision of himself in an alternate future, where he overthrows Astrabolo and rules Neothode as Alhox's viceroy. He stops killing briefly to rescue a woman's purse, but then threatens her when she complains that he is no longer an officer. Meanwhile, the Voyagers successfully make contact with the Rilage Space Center, leading them to an safe landing. Upon landing, they are soon greeted by Rilage staff before being sent to a briefing waiting room. Neone is sent into that same room, where she and Marlack immediately begin developing an attraction to each other. While Neone initially refuses his friendly advances, she warms up to him while gazing at some stars.
14 No Diplomat's Land David Stiefel - - - - 114 -
Marlack and Neone attempt to remain professional, as they feel their quickly-acquired attraction to one another is childish given they've only known each other a few days. The new team is sent to the town of Storlig for initial meetings, but those meetings are quickly interrupted by YPL firepower. Marlack is kidnapped by a rogue street gang, leading Neone to feel guilty about being rude to him when they first met. Rhodney questions Pextel's abilities as a leader. Neone, Rhodney, Pextel, and Oceanoe finally resolve to attempt Marlack's rescue. They end up rescuing him from Cybomec when the latter beats them to the gang's hideout. While letting them escape, Cybomec vows he will destroy all of them eventually. As he continues to have visions, he sees himself sitting on Astrabolo's throne.
15 Distressed David Stiefel - - - - 115 -
Pinkella picks up an indiscernible signal from inside the Bindaf 3000. Upon Erasaxo's suggestion, she takes her findings to the Rilage Space Center for interpretation. The other Voyagers take a brief break from running away from Cybomec, but soon find themselves in a cat-and-mouse game against Captain Nonpriel. Pextel soon strategizes a way for his team to defeat Nonpriel in a fight, allowing the Voyagers a greater chance to escape. When the plan succeeds, Rhodney declares that Pextel has truly earned the right to be the Bindaf 3000's captain. When the Voyagers return to their ship, Pinkella greets them and treats Marlack's wounds. In spite Neone wishing to apologize to Marlack, Pextel insists she wait until later, and sends her and Oceanoe into the Rilage snack room. Rilage personnel are about to translate Pinkella's cryptic message, when their control room goes dead. Cybomec attacks and starts killing everyone inside the Rilage control room, and prepares to force the Voyagers to confront him.
16 The Rage of Cybomec David Stiefel - - - - 116 -
Realizing his mistake, Pextel decides that he and Rhodney need to enter the Rilage Space Center and rescue their friends. Cybomec takes advantage of this, and takes Neone and Oceanoe prisoner. Pinkella attempts to alert the Britophondian National Guard, but they hang up on her when a YPL faction begins launching a full-frontal assault on another town. Nonpriel returns to Bluque in defeat, and is sent on a brief vacation. Cybomec further exploits the situation, looking for ways to strain the courage of every Voyager while separating them and gaining assistance from various Markerterioni droids that follow him into Rilage. Defeated and trapped inside of Cybomec's deadly, hijacked space center, the Voyagers struggle for the courage to keep fighting. Meanwhile, Katrina has a flashback and begins worrying about her mother Terra. Garret convinces her that it is unwise to pursue Terra; as it would lend la-Qualda opportunities to capture Katrina, Terra, or both.
17 A Glimmering Hope David Stiefel - - - - 117 -
Cybomec begins explaining his plans to a traumatized Neone, torturing her and Oceanoe while continuing to send death droids after the Voyagers. They begin channeling their faith and memories to find courage in the face of Cybomec and his droids. A mysterious vigilante, known only as the Eveninger, decides to risk himself battling Cybomec when the Guard is distracted. With the Eveninger's help, the Voyagers are able to get close enough to power down the damaged Cybomec and remove his S-chip. The Eveninger dies from internal injuries after enduring several electrical jolts from Cybomec. As backup Rilage personnel arrive, a funeral for the Voyagers' rescuer is arranged. In spite Neone's wishes, his identity is revealed. Bluque's attack on Port Metaball ends in failure; and Admiral Abberwadd suggests increasing focus on Whixtitout. Neone and Marlack begin discussing their feelings for each other along the hillside where the Eveninger is buried, when they have an encounter with a panicked and desperate Whixtitian. Pinkella and Erasaxo finally get the distress signal decrypted, but it's too late. The Whixtitian attempts to warn the Voyagers of something important, but is assaulted and arrested by Nabijab police before he gets the chance. Neone resolves that the Voyagers must negotiate for his release if they wish to learn any useful information.

List of Minisodes

# Title Writer(s) Director Writing initiation date Writing completion date Public Reception
0.5 "The Wages of Cheating Death" David Stiefel (TBA) March 14, 2009 April 24, 2009 Positive
Katrina Bovinez awakes to find herself a prisoner of Garet Nobee. He soon explains to her that the Yehtzig Pirate League drugged her and her boyfriend, and that she is pregnant. She was abducted by the Xyliens as part of a rescue mission, and her mother Terra is in hiding after the Yehtzig's shamed her father Boris into committing suicide. Garret then offers her a new surname and a job as a Skidder, on condition she undergo an operation to change her ink color. She is initially reluctant to accept the position; but after a conversation with her formal high school rival Pinkella Goldsen reveals their families' similarities, she warms up to working for the Xyliens. She is finally convinced to work for them after witnessing the near-death of Stella-Marie Jenkins.
3.5 "Ties That Confide" David Stiefel (TBA) July 12, 2009 August 5, 2009 TBA
Pinkata Casamada and Julia Yanito discuss Julia's engagement to the girls' mutual friend Travino Paury. Meanwhile, Pinkata shares her insecurities about Bluque manipulating Alhox. A day later, Travino and Julia get married in the park, with the preacher's sermon reminding all parties of the true meaning of marriage. Alhox secretly worries about the war and about a famine.

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