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"Vocational Destiny" is the fourth episode of Stationery Voyagers, offering insights into the origins of Pinkella Goldsen and Neone Delft.


The RMM's Blue Fleet suffers an attack from a pirate vessel, believed to be operated by Astrabolo. Back on Statios, Pinkella reveals herself to Pextel and calms him down. She assures him the Xyliens have a plan for him after all, as does God. Ribando offers Pextel further comfort, while Pinkella reminisces her recent past, beginning with the day she and Arnold graduated from high school.

Her parents' adulterous affairs and ties with drug kingpins are revealed, and Pinkella decides to run away from the corrupt Bubblespeck Gum Factory. When her brother and his gay lover try to murder her and her entire family, she is rescued by a Xylien agent.

Meanwhile, Neone's life comes undone when her father is killed and she is sold into sexual slavery to the ruthless mob boss Pentacko.


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