The University Interactivity Status, or UIS of a particular universe within the Dozerfleet Gigaverse, refers to the ability of that universe to interact with other universes within the greater family. The Percolation's influence on the Gigaverse is of most importance to this, as it is the means by which crossovers may occur within Dozerfleet Comics properties.

This template may be applied to a navbox or infobox where relevant to discuss a given universe, as well as explain details of its interactivity.

Color codesEdit

  • Green: These universes play fast and loose with their own internal logic and continuity, and will readily interact with any other universe that is either green or yellow - provided the yellow ones don't have special restrictions that would forbid such interaction.
  • Yellow: These universes have special restrictions on which other universes they will interact with, limiting their crossover potential.
  • Red: These universes


Cataclysmic GeroshaEdit


This universe does not, in and of itself, interact with any others.

Cagegirl universeEdit


Restricted interaction with the Dromedeverse only, or with other works as approved by the author.



May interact with any universe via the Percolation that has been prior-approved for interactivity with it.

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