Tyler Boldoc was a student that at Ferris State University who graduated a semester ahead of the Dozerfleet founder, in the Television and Digital Media Production program. In addition to his time spent at Ferris, Tyler spent time as an intern at WKTV in Wyoming, MI; the same WKTV where Tabby Young interned.


Status: Completed
Project Type: Infomercial
Position: Producer, Editor
Client(s): Ferris Access Channel


Status: Completed
Project Type: Magazine Show
Position: Producer (5 episodes), Editor (5 episodes)
Client(s): Ferris Access Channel


Status: Completed
Project Type: Talk Show
Season: 2009-2010
Semester: Fall

Client(s): Ferris Access Channel


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FerrisGoldFlame Ferris State Alumni

Fall 2009

Spring 2010

Fall 2010 or later

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