"True Love" is a poem written by Michael J. Hayes of St. Johns Michigan in February of 2004 for the Tri-Sola Poetry collection. It was submitted as part of the collection right along with "Not My Will."


The major themes deal with guilt, fear of damnation, injustice, and divine mercy.


The special effect in the photo was achieved through Photoshop effects applied to a blue glass sandbox vase that was designed initially for candles. The lava is actually white sand, for catching the wax from the candles.

Poem itselfEdit

"True Love"

Written in May of 2004.

"Have mercy on me…a sinner!" goes the clarion call of the lost.

So also is this the weeping cry of a condemned prisoner;

Bearing a deep pile of sins. In the past he reveled in and coveted them;

Knowing little their potential harm.

Yet now the blind sees the unmistakable fires of Hell…

He realizes this—his fate!

Yet…through his tears he perceives a cross…

A man...broken, lashed in the back, torn;

The blood flowing deep, with dark red passion...

The prisoner was no longer so alone...

The beaten man was then speared in the side,

As blood and water flowed separately.

Was this man the prisoner's last hope?

A flicker of a life, taken in easy cruelty?

He fell to his knees, distraught with despair.

A quiet voice came from the shadows, whispering: "This is for you…"

In the following gaze, a stone moved; and the man he saw dead stepped out.

The condemned man could only watch with awe.

He was puzzled; unable to comprehend…

The Resurrected spoke… "I had to finish it; finish it…for you…

I had to clean away your sins, so that you may know life beyond them…

"The condemned was amazed-condemned no more!

All he could utter was "Thank You…"

Then, to his amazement…he could see a spectacular sight…Heaven…home…

© 2004 Tri-Sola Poetry. Reprinted with permission.

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