Tri-Sola Writings is a literature collection operated by Michael J. Hayes of St. Johns, MI. It is the parent collection of the imprint Tri-Sola Poetry.


See also: History section at Tri-Sola Poetry article.

Tri-Sola Writings began its life in 2003 when Mike got the idea to keep a collection of religious poems based on his own reflections. The early collection was called "Reflections by Mike Hayes." Eventually, Mike would begin to write lengthy prose works to go along with his poetry collection, and didn't feel that the "Reflections Poetry" label was adequate for all the writings he had in mind to write.

Several delayed projects later, his "Reflections" collection would be renamed Fortress Rock Poetry in 2004. In 2006, it would again be re-named Tri-Sola Poetry. In 2008, the official name for the over-arching collection would be changed to Tri-Sola Writings, reducing Tri-Sola Poetry to an imprint of the larger label.


Currently, Dozerfleet is not aware of any copies of any Tri-Sola Prose works available in print. Tri-Sola Poetry poems are published by Dozerfleet Productions' Dozerfleet Literature division, but only to the Dozerfleet Forum. Mike still reserves most rights to his poems as he does to his prose literary works.

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