"Transmorphers: Less Than Advertised" is a song off the Every Ape and His Brother album Poss Window. It is the third track. It is a parody of "Transformers: The Movie Theme Song" as performed by the heavy metal band Lion. This song takes the popular critics' position on Transmorphers and Transmorphers: Fall of Man, as created by The Asylum.


After first hearing about the film Transmorphers, a disbelieving Dozerfleet founder did some research. He soon discovered that the film had in fact been made, and was released around the same time as Michael Bay's Transformers. During the 4th of July week of 2012, he watched most of Fall of Man on YouTube. While looking more entertaining the the original, as reviewed by Film Brain, it was not without its pitfalls. However, hearing the song by Lion, the Dozerfleet founder could not help but here "Transmorphers" instead of "Transformers." This inspired the writing of a parody.


A typical film critic tries to share his thoughts on the second movie, but soon breaks out in song upon delivering his review, to the tune of Lion's ballad. It may be bad; but why not have fun with critiquing it?

His attacks on the movie have to do with weak color grading on DVD transfer, with cheap special effects, bad acting, an incoherent plot, and with the film delivering less bang-for-buck than what the trailers promise. He also alleges that the Transmorphers' bodily forms and alternate modes are "pretty lame." Also, the robots have no individual personality or uniqueness, and the human cast is forgettable.


* * *The following is a list of lyrics to a song. * * *
"Transmorphers: Less Than Advertised"


Transmorphers! /

[Instrumental break]

First verse

Something evil's / lasering your brain! /
Made on a / cheaper budget! /
How lame / can / Asylum get? /

You'll roll / your eyes! /
Sometimes it's / not real fun! /
Almost ne'er / a clever quip; /
And the lighting / is all wrong! /

First chorus

Transmorphers! /
Less than / advertised! /

Transmorphers! /
Mostly / lame-disguised! /

Second verse

Weak acting / ruins it / from the start! /
The plot / barely holds / together! /
In this / tacky / work of art! /

They have / no factions / and no / names at all! /
You will be / left feeling / sour; /
That Asylum / had the gall! /

Second chorus

Transmorphers! /
Less than advertised! /

Transmorphers! /
Mostly lame-disguised! /

Transmorphers! /
Bunch of schmucks / wage their battle / to destroy / the forces / of a bunch... /

Of bland / killer-droids... /


Transmorphers! /

Transmorph! /

[Instrumental break]

Third verse

One lone cell phone / could make you / lose your hand! /
And now a scene / of pointless sex! /
Look / the cop is / really vexed! /

You thought / it's over / but part 2 / has just begun! /
We didn't accomplish / anything! /
The aliens / poisoned the rain! /


[Transmorphers! /] x 4

Less than advertised! /

Transmorphers! /

Lyrics © 2012 Dozerfleet Records.


Response to the parody, on at least, was overwhelmingly positive within the first few hours of approval. Three different reviewers all gave the song straight-5's. Rob Arndt, a former ToysRUs employee, commented that the parody brought back memories of his work there, back when Transformers and Cabbage Patch Kids were huge phenomena.[1]

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  1. Ardnt, Ron. "Nice job-5s!" (post.) Comments section of Transmorphers: Less Than Advertised. Wednesday, July 18, 2012.

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