"Tragedy / Glory" is a poem written by Michael J. Hayes of St. Johns, MI for the Tri-Sola Poetry collection.

It was written in May of 2003, and submitted to Dozerfleet Productions by the author a short while after the submission of the three poems "Mere Pittance," "Petals," and "Powerful Comfort."


The themes of this poem deal largely with themes such as testing of faith, fear, despair, guilt, and martyrdom. It was a hint darker than the previous works. The photo is originally of a street light located near Pine Tree Rd. in Lansing.

Poem itselfEdit

"Tragedy / Glory"

Written in May of 2003.

The blade came within an inch of my temple...

A quiet scowl came quickly: "Recant that name!!!"

How was I put into this state?

  • I was called joyfully into this faith...
  • I was told of the God-shaped hole...
  • I was promised that God would be my joy, peace, and love...

Yet, because of that desire I am here with a blade to my head.

All I wanted was faith and eternal life...

Watching my interrogation was a young Christian sent into the back ways...

Fear, gripping his heart; sorrow—touching his soul!

He didn't understand—this was not something he was promised.

Besides, how could God allow this to occur?

How could he allow THIS of his child?

A crisis of faith occurred...

He was sent to his Bible as my head fell to the street.

© 2003 Tri-Sola Poetry. Reprinted with permission.

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