Tim Lorgan is a minor character in the Meshalutian Trilogy, part of The Gerosha Chronicles of Dozerfleet Comics. He first appears in 90 Has No Secant as one of many stranded in the LaFoe airport, which is put in lock-down after a plane nose dives onto a runway. He is the boyfriend and later husband of Cassie Manning, though little else is known about him.

Character bioEdit

90 Has No SecantEdit

Main article: 90 Has No Secant

Tim and his girlfriend Cassie were traveling, and needed to stop at the LaFoe airport while on their way elsewhere. At first, Tim was completely in the dark about Meshaluta. However, events in the LaFoe airport convinced him that he needed to look into the legend and help Cassie find a way to defeat Meshaluta once and for all. He was especially disturbed to learn that Cassie had been attacked in the bathroom by a time-traveling Viking.

Cursed is the GroundEdit

Main article: Cursed is the Ground

Tim and Cassie, feeling embarrassed that they were so vulnerable in 90, decide to take measures to become more confident individuals. They start facing their fears together, and take classes to gain more confidence in their abilities. By the time of this story, Cassie is showing the most dramatic change. Time remains unsure of himself, but is considering a new job. However, he and Cassie both immediately recognize the significance of Earl being the one trapped in a silver mine. They head over right away, convinced he is the targeted Rintel.

The Natural LogarithmEdit

Main article: The Natural Logarithm (story)

Tim's only involvement in this story is to call and confirm plans with Cassie. He is otherwise not seen or heard from. By this point, Tim and Cassie are married. He has started a new job and cannot get off work, requiring Cassie to have to visit her Massachusetts relatives alone.

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