The Trapezoid Kids is the name of a TV series pitch based on an idea originally created in January of 2003 by Dozerfleet Productions under the original Cormorant brand name. It takes place in a fictitious town called Giddewaltz, Delaware. The story is about six "jinxed," pre-adolescent alien beings of trapezoidal shape that land in the town of Giddewaltz and then try to blend in to the surroundings of their new home as they are sponsored by human families. The pilot, which opts to be a movie, is modeled after Problem Child 2, Lilo and Stitch, South Park, Alvin and the Chipmunks, Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog, and Animaniacs.


The movieEdit

The Trapezoid Kids Movie chronicles the arrival of the Trapezoids on Earth, Karen's agreement to provide them with a family, and the origins of some of the villains the Trapezoids encounter now and then (most notably Octolipi, Spitz, and Mutters.)

The seriesEdit

The series continues the zany adventures of Cornert, Polly, Enclo, and Humdrum as Karen's children. They encounter new friends and new foes. Spike and Stigmie's relationships with the four become increasingly complex and involved. Octolipi and his henchmen, Spitz and Mutters, continue in vain to take over the world. Bamboolid, the archnemesis of Accel the Aardvark, becomes a nemesis of the Trapezoids. The show focuses on more than just continuing the story. Several other bits; including music video covers (a-la-Chipmunks) and "Dwell-A-Thons" also fill up space.


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Character model evolutionEdit

ARTS 102Edit


AOF 303 room, where the Trapezoids were first created, being used as a storage room as of 2012.

Initial conceptEdit

The second assignment of ARTS 102: Design and Communication Class at Lansing Community College for the Spring Semester 2003 Computer Animation program consisted of taking four black squares and arranging them on a canvas in such as way as to convey some abstract concept or another.

Tweaking the Trapezoids to lifeEdit


Sketch of Mindoche Trapezoids trying to allude capture.
Top: Agent Spitz, Agent Mutters, and Enclo (impersonating Neo from The Matrix)
Bottom (left to right): Cornert, Polly, and Humdrum (as the Black Trapezoid Ranger)

The next step, upon gaining permission, was to distort just enough but not too much. After that assignment, the idea of the Trapezoids was so appealing, that they found their way into almost every single assignment. The few that didn't featured Grillitan Diner paraphernalia instead. Some time after the Dozerfleet founder transferred to Ferris from LCC, the third floor of LCC's Academic Offices (AOF) Building was converted to a large storage facility. The class in which the Trapezoids were born was eventually moved to room 108 of the Gannon Building.

What's in a Trapezoid?Edit

Textures were defined for them, as there was some interest in them being 3-D cartoons. For many years after 2003, the Trapezoid Kids concept would lay buried, and would not be reused greatly again until 2007. By that time, it was decided that they'd be better as 2-D cartoons.

In that time, the Trapezoids gained their current appearances. Originally, Enclo and Humdrum were indistinguishable from each other. By 2004, the decision was made that if ever the Trapezoids were to be picked up again, Enclo would become green to set him apart from Humdrum.

Karen was decided early on in the development process as being an essential character for the Trapezoids in their lives for the backstory. But her exact role was rarely fleshed out very far. Keith was created merely to provide moral conflict and love interest in Karen's life; and to give her a motivation to adopt the Trapezoids in the first place.

Since then, defining the Trapezoids' world has been a much-stalled process. In 2004, Cursed is the Ground took precedence over developing the Trapezoids. By 2005, Ciem and related Gerosha material took precedence.

TVPR 210Edit

By the time the series found its way into the Summer 2007 Compositing for Video class (TVPR 210) at Ferris State University, the Trapezoids' appearances were further refined. Also, they were given voices. Cornert's voice was modeled after Yakko Warner, with Polly's modeled after Dot Warner and Enclo modeled after Wakko. Humdrum's voice was modeled after that of Butters from South Park, with his bad luck being a watered-down version of Kenny's.

TVPR 420 at FerrisEdit

The summer class of 2007 at Ferris State University for DVD production was split into two teams, each team trying to best the other at designing a promotional DVD for the TV production department's promotional purposes. The Trapezoid Kids featured several times in the preliminaries for ideas. Agent Mutters was originally going to be depicted as being crushed under a TDMP logo, but he was replaced with a ninja trying to steal an HDTV that was seated on top of the text.

The Trapezoids did, however, almost make it into the DVD label art. They were hidden in the form of an advertisement on the disc's label side. The Stationery Voyager Pinkella Goldsen and some Xyliens feature inside the large old-style TV.

In barely-legible text, the Dozerfleet Studios pop-up stated: "You're watching: Stationery Voyagers," followed by: "Next: The Trapezoid Kids," with miniature Trapezoids featuring in the lower right of the screen above the text. This was done as a parody of the notices on several networks of shows upcoming after shows, mainly copying the styles of NBC and Jetix.

Ultimately, however, the marketing department at Ferris rejected this design and replaced it with a generic design. They didn't believe that the "cute" version of the DVD cover would convince new students of the credibility of the program.

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