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"The Return of Cybomec" is the sixteenth episode of season 3 of Stationery Voyagers, and the 49th episode overall.


Details remain scarce for now. This episode will document the final defeat of Lamdock's power and the Voyagers' return to being Stationeries. When he is left feeling like he has no other choice, Erasaxo makes the call he fears could cost him what little respect he has aboard the ship: he revives Ribando inside of a rebuilt Cybomec body.

While angry about the circumstances of his revival, Ribando agrees to use his new life as Cybomec II to give the Voyagers their much-needed push to victory. However, victory proves bittersweet. Alaina and the Voyagers are sent by Maurice into exile in Bulgadia after Jerry Frond remits the Voyagers' diplomatic immunity to appease Crooked Rainbow protesters.


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