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"The Rage of Cybomec" is the sixteenth episode of Stationery Voyagers, and serves as a build-up to the season finale "A Glimmering Hope". Having trapped the Voyagers in his clutches, Cybomec begins his plans to slowly demoralize and murder all of them. At the same time, the Skidders and Leremin have to retreat and wait for a better opportunity to fight their enemies in la-Qualda.


Realizing his mistake, Pextel decides that he and Rhodney need to enter the Rilage Space Center and rescue their friends. Cybomec takes advantage of this, and takes Neone and Oceanoe prisoner. Pinkella attempts to alert the Britophondian National Guard, but they hang up on her when a YPL faction begins launching a full-fleged assault on another town.

Nonpriel returns to Bluque in defeat, and is sent on a brief vacation. Cybomec further exploits the situation, looking for ways to strain the courage of every Voyager while separating them and gaining assistance from various Markerterioni droids that follow him into Rilage.

Defeated and trapped inside of Cybomec's deadly, hijacked space center, the Voyagers struggle for the courage to keep fighting. A vigilante known as the Eveninger decides to investigate matters, and see if there is any way to turn the tide.

Meanwhile, Katrina has a flashback and begins worrying about her mother Terra. Garret convinces her that it is unwise to pursue Terra; as it would lend la-Qualda opportunities to capture Katrina, Terra, or both.


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