RIP Note: The following project has been destroyed. There is little to no hope it will ever again see the light of day.

The Penguins (a.k.a Power Penguins) was a parody series of comic strips drawn by Dozerfleet Productions' founder from 1994-1997 as a hobby. It spoofed Power Rangers seasons 1-5 by applying the Rangers' situations to a group of penguins living in Antarctica.


  • Aliens were usually substituted with Antarctic research scientists that had crooked morals.
  • Zords were referred to as "Narts," a reference to a noise often made by a classmate named Steve Millofoguille who inspired the character "Sleevon" that was the series' spoof on Zordon.
  • The Penguins that featured were King Penguins (Seasons 1-3) and Adele (Seasons 4 and 5.)
  • This is not to be confused with Dreamworks' Madagascar Penguins, nor with Big Idea's 3-2-1 Penguins!.
  • The Power Penguins were friends with the Shocking Pelican Buds and with the Purple Goose, which was to spoof the Power Rangers spin-off series Masked Rider and the format-knock-off series Big Bad Beetleborgs.

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