"The Outreach Bird is the Construction Word" is the first episode of the Fall 2009-Spring 2010 season of Ferris State Live, produced by the fall 2009 TVPR 499 class at Ferris State University. It was produced on September 14th and aired on September 17th of 2009.


Anniversary and Outreach

President Eisler opened things up by stating what an honor it was for him to be on the show alongside Scott and Leah. Leah then proceeded to mention that they were opening the show whilst simultaneously celebrating the school's 125th anniversary. Eisler went on to talk about how Woody and Helen were big on "providing opportunity," which he believes became part of the school's core mission.

Leah brings up how in the spring previous, Ferris hosted its own version of the Big Event, which was said to be highly successful. Eisler added in that this was just one of many ways that Ferris students have stated to him that they would like to be involved in the area. Leah commented from there that several of those programs have been cut, even as demand for them rose. The segment ended with Eisler reminding Sandy and Leah that without a good faculty and a good curriculum, there was no sense in having a school regardless whatever else it offered.

More Outreach

The second guest, Miles Postema, continued with Eisler's speech earlier, adding details about various events surrounding the campus as pertained to volunteer work. Leah went on to talk about the exponential growth of Ferris' Big Event, and mentioned a barbecue.


When Scott and Sandy teamed up for their first segment, their immediate first point of interest was The Rock Cafe. They, like many others around campus, were impressed by the success of its renovation. Scott followed up by talking about an increase in enrollment on campus, to which Sandy credited the faculty for making a hard effort towards that improvement in enrollment.

Afterwards, Sandy began to talk about how the East Campus Apartments were torn down, to be replaced by newer apartments that felt more like homes than dormitories. Finally, Scott and Sandy finished with a plug for Ferris' new Facebook material.

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