"The Modern Pursuers" is a poem written by Michael J. Hayes of St. Johns, MI in 2004, as part of the Tri-Sola Poetry collection.


The major themes of this poem deal with the dangers of the 2000's church growth movement and the risks of churches forgetting the value of doctrinal integrity as entertainment replaces teaching as the primary value.

Poem itselfEdit

"The Modern Pursuers"

Written in May of 2004.

In they stumbled, one by one.

Emotionally, stirred; and stampeding eagerly into the house of God.

Lightly bowing their heads;

They hear the passionate music…

And are stirred—quickened to fervor!

The Gospel comes, as a wave of emotion;

We hear:

  • Five ways to be better friends…
  • Six ways to improve our service…
  • Our purpose...

Sin to them, is but a feeling to dispose of.

All as purported in self-help theology…

Not the dynamite it is meant to be.

Why sugarcoat the truth just to avoid being controversial?

Why avoid preaching, if against our programs or money?

Why hide behind the TV cameras and audio mixers?

The vision of Isaiah; they have tossed into the fire…

Why deceive ourselves in thinking they are for the kingdom;

While de-emphasizing and undermining what really matters? Such as:

  • Our depravity; and Christ's remedy…
  • His blessed sacrament…

And most importantly: The preaching of His word—to each and everyone!

Maybe we are but the modern pursuers of God;

Or just afraid to let God be Himself.

Let the whole Word be the judge…

© 2004 Tri-Sola Poetry. Reprinted with permission.

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