The Matchmaintainer was an idea for a dating game show that was first proposed in 2001 for Dozerfleet Studios.


The show premise aimed at capturing some of the same market as a lot of other romance and dating shows of the early oughties; but with the goal of having a more mature attitude about it. Also, the emphasis would be on having a "Jiminy Cricket"-type figure, a "Matchmaintainer," follow a struggling couple around for two weeks and intervene with their relationship in an effort to fix problems with it that both parties overlook. Different relationship counselors would follow different couples around, at the couple's consent, and would track the progress in relationship health until the "meddling period" came to an end. The couples would then be given advice on what to do with their relationships based on overall assessments and evaluations, before being sent on their way to decide for themselves what to do.

The Dozerfleet founder got the idea after helping two of his classmates successfully mend a lot of their relationship issues. The couple wound up staying together for several months after that, before the guy got fed up with the girl's medical health issues. The girl, however, took the advice given to heart; and it helped her become successfully and happily married to someone else years down the road.


Additional inspirations behind The Matchmaintainer included "reality" shows like The Bachelorette and Blind Date, which were more about making matches than maintaining them.

What set The Matchmaintainer apart was that it focused primarily on how to respect a partner, whereas the other shows talked more about sexual chemistry. Ironically, the show that most resembles The Matchmaintainer would be 7 Days of Sex; even though that show displays the least amount of skin on-screen of all the "reality" shows in its genre.


After being discussed in high school, little was done with the show premise until 2008. In the fall of that year, the premise was pitched as a practice run for TV production writing class with Clayton Rye. It was generally well-received, especially for its jingle.


After the "reality" show bubble of the early 2000s burst, interest in pursuing the production of Matchmaintainer waned. It could be revived in the future, but stands as "canceled" for the time being.

See alsoEdit

  • LWW Ritzed, which was also canceled due to the emergence of a similar program.

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