RIP Note: The following project has been destroyed. There is little to no hope it will ever again see the light of day.

The Furthered Adventures of Golf-Man was a short-lived comic strip about a golf ball descendant of Puck-Man. It involved a new hero whose enemies were now golf clubs instead of hockey sticks.


This strip was unique in that glue was used to make the main character partially 4-D, since the 3-D illusions on paper were combined with a surface which viewers could touch so they could feel the character in the page. The Dozerfleet founder created this strip in 5th grade in early 1995, and it was soon discontinued upon entry into 6th grade.

To give Golf-Man his texture, his outer surfaces were very carefully covered in glue and allowed to dry in the open air. Dried glue that did not fill in the holed areas resulted in a character that almost felt like a golf ball.

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