Below is all the criminal record and psychological profile data that SCALLOP has ever had on Dolly Malestrom, as of SCALLOP being decommissioned in 2060.

Recorded entriesEdit

Database of Criminal Phexos and Marlquaanites - Profile
Dolores Marion Weiss-Malestrom
Date of birth
August 5th, 1996

"Dolly," Earwig
Central High School of Evansville
130-160 lbs.
Hair color
Place of origin
Evansville, IN
Last known residence
Houston, TX
Project: Earwig Test Subject / Housewife / Freelance Agent
Unaltered Human
Notable abilities
None outside of her Earwig suit.

  1. Arrested by Ameristani regime on charges of "kafir marriage" by the Affadidah regime, given her unlawful elopement to Jeraime Malestrom.
  2. Abducted once by a corrupt Toklianan border patrol agent under false pretenses of arrest.
  3. Arrested on orders of Darius Philippine for conspiring to steal the Earwig armor.
  4. Interned on behalf of Jeraime to lobby for repeals to parts of the Kirby Act. Tether was "South Pole'd" to ensure her capture.

  1. Found guilty of violating law against non-Muslim marriage in Ameristan.
  2. Found guilty of plotting to steal the Earwig armor under Darius' court system.

  1. Death by beheading in Ameristan for marrying Jeraime. Escaped with help from Candi Levens.
  2. Sentenced to 1 year in a SCALLOP prison for attempting to steal the Earwig armor. However, Lex Philippine later had her sentence commuted following the death of Darius.
  3. Spent 1 month interned in a SCALLOP facility to aid in repeal of parts of the Kirby Act.
    • Served an additional 5 years of parole.
Numerous assaults and possibly some vigilante murders - as well as a staged parole violation.

When she entered Toklisana, the corrupt border patrol agent tried to hide evidence of her citizenship in Toklisana and attempted to portray her as entering the country illegally. He took the following picture below after she was taken into custody:

Psychological profile

  1. Dolly was raised in a very politically active family that some have rumored to have taken the ideology of Shalia Flippo to the extreme.
  2. Given the treatment her family has endured at the hands of the Hebbleskin Gang as it sought to eradicate its political enemies, Dolly developed a deep-seated and very personal hatred for all things Hebbleskin-related.
  3. She grew up seeing herself as a moral crusader against all things the Hebbleskins supported, initially working as a librarian and making political activism a side hobby.
  4. She found an unusual ally in the cattle rancher and software engineer Jeraime Malestrom, who was trapped behind enemy lines when the Affadidah regime reneged on its promise to let Toklisanans leave Ameristan alive. When she became stressed for options, she responded by eloping with Jeraime on a dare.
  5. Dolly grew into the role of housewife rather quickly, setting aside many of her own personal projects to assist Jeraime with his.
  6. Her brutal treatment at the hands of the regime, along with her witnessing the regime hand her husband over to the Hebbleskins to develop Project: Musaran for them, intensified her hatred for both Ameristani and Neetheli governments to the point of her becoming a violent freedom fighter upon her escape.
  7. She has stated that she considers her friend Candi's more moderate approach to being in a similar situation to be a moral inspiration for her not to surrender herself to her burning inner rage and hatred.
  8. Use of the Earwig helmet's AI has been shown to increase her violence in combat, to the point of having difficulty avoiding attacks on her own allies as the aggressive AI wants violence for the sake of violence. She has requested overrides to the helmet's programming to something that helps her focus rather than intensify her rage.
  9. Recovery of her husband has revealed itself to have had an astronomical impact on improving her mood.

Conclusion: Dolly is unstable, and requires counseling both to temper her ideology and help her make peace with her own past. Her pain and hatred are stumbling blocks to recovery.
Physiology notes
As one of the few other regular users of Remotach, she has shown significant ability to put it to use in spite having no additional healing factor. Physical damage to her neck from her unpleasant encounter with Rockpapsci appears to be minimal. She is physically quite fit and quick-healing for someone with no native powers of her own. Her prowess in battle and lack of frequency getting injured are believed to be a combination of her sheer willpower and a guardian angel working overtime, as physical and medical explanations are inadequate to rationalize her being in such good physical health.

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