The Blue Face Film Strips: The Sims 2 Edition is a DSHW released by Dozerfleet Comics in December of 2005, that retells the events of Marzwhatti and Kelina's encounter using The Sims 2 to generate the characters. Aside from that, the plot is virtually identical to that piece.


In 2005, with the creation of the DSHW format, an early attempt at Ciem 3 was created. This early version contained several DSHW shorts as bonus features. Among the shorts were this story, Lo-Mun's Cooking Adventure, and Star Flops: Curse of the Medium Side. When the original Ciem 3 was finally ruled to be too low quality, it and many of its accompanying shorts were scrapped. This story and Lo-Mun were redesigned as DSHWs with intent for eventual future release. Star Flops, however, is intended to become a video, much like When Bikes Argue.

Differences from the filmEdit

  • Kelina is never shown holding up the titular film strips in the cartoon.
  • Katie sleeps differently on the sofa.
  • Marzwhatti has pointy ears. He had no ears in the film.
  • Kelina is never shown being strangled telekinetically by Marzwhatti in the cartoon.
  • Instead of shaking her sister to confirm her death, Katie sighs in depression and then tries to run to get away.

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