"That One" is a song off the Every Ape and His Brother album Poss Window. It is an Anglicization of "Tой Tой" by Maria Burmaka. "That One" is the first track, beginning the album. Unlike the usual Every Ape fare, this song is similar to "As One" in terms of being a harmless adaptation of a love song.


The Dozerfleet founder was first exposed to Maria Burmaka's song as an MP3 brought over by exchange student Arina Tochilova. Arina left some of her music on one of the home PCs, and it was sampled from there. The founder was so impressed with it, that he made an Anglicization of it. Years before adequate online translation tools existed, there was no way for the founder to get a sufficient explanation of what the original song's theme was. (Arina was uncooperative.) Therefore, the song's theme and contents were abandoned in favor of a generic love ballad. The lyrics were forged to sound like the type of song Dido might perform, since Maria's vocals sounded similar to Dido's.

At times, the phonetics for certain lines aimed to match or closely match the phonetics of their original Ukrainian counterparts. "Squashing out all my doubt" is modified from skhozhe na mistyku (схоже на містику, "mysteriously"); and "could sharpen all of me" is modified from shcho berehlo mene (що берегло мене, "that preserves me.")[1]

The "that one" in this song comes from a loose translation of tой tой, and references the feeling that the woman gets from her new man's presence in relation to everything she'd prior been familiar with. First assembled into an Anglicization in November of 2005, it remained in the Dozault until February 26th of 2012; when it was released on the wiki for public viewing.


A young woman describes how life-changing meeting a certain man was, and wonders if he feels the same. After he confirms that he does, her level of confidence escalates even higher. This was confirmed to be "not far off" from the original song's message[2], confirming that some themes are universal; and that pop tunes convey them in ways that are often universally understood.


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"That One"

First chorusEdit

That one / left a mark; /
Woke me up and / lit the spark! /

Made me / yearn to see; / what you think of me! /

Do you / feel the way; / I think of you / now today? /
Do you / even care? / Are you yet aware? /

[Instrumental break]

First verseEdit

It was a / big surprise; / Looking into / your eyes! /
Didn’t know / my next move; / or else what I should prove! /
Not certain / what is best; / nor what you would suggest! /

The cost; / is my heart is lost! /

My life / was a dark room; / until I saw / your smile! /
My worries / melt away; / now I feel like / a child! /

But would you / favor me; / now that I / have a clue? /

Away; / go my tears / so blue! /

[Repeat first chorus] x 2

[Instrumental break]

Second verseEdit

Once I had / nobody; /
To help me / through the day! /

Then you entered in / and; /
Saved me when / lost at bay! /

Now that you / are around; /
I hope that / you will stay… /

As mine! / We’re a / tangled vine!/

You got through / and changed me; /
Squashing out / all my doubt! /

My insecurity; /
You stamp it all / right out! /

No other / human touch; /
Could sharpen / all of me! /

But you; / have done more / than that! /

Second chorusEdit

You sure / left a mark! /
Woke me up; / and lit the spark! /

Made me / yearn to see; /
All that / I could be! /

Now you / feel the way; /
I think of you / now today! /

I’m so / glad you care; /
That you / are aware! /

[Repeat Second Chorus] x 2

Lyrics © 2005 Dozerfleet Records.


  1. Translation assistance provided by Google Translate.
  2. Explanation courtesy of Nadiya Borsch.

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