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Database of Criminal Phexos and Marlquaanites - Profile
Celia Stacy Winehart-Reddlewick
Date of birth
May 15th, 2001

Private, later attended University of Houston
121 lbs when last weighed
Hair color
Place of origin
Toklisanan (later expatriated to Italy)
Last known residence
The wilderness of Texas.
Unaltered Human
Notable abilities
Good at making costumes out of spare parts.

  1. Arrested on suspicion of conspiracy to steal the Earwig armor. Acquitted.
  2. Arrested for helping the Sapphire King escape city police investigators.
  3. Voluntarily handed herself over to SCALLOP in 2026 on pressure from Italian authorities, to serve a purpose in repealing parts of the Kirby Act.
Found guilty of helping the Sapphire King elude justice.
Sentenced to two years for helping the Sapphire King escape. Escaped herself from prison with his help. Became a wanted fugitive. Later was returned to a SCALLOP facility of her own free will, in order to protect her common law husband. Spent a month in a SCALLOP facility, before she was transferred along with Mingmei "Stung Hornet" Cheng to the Houston Women's Correctional Facility with plans to have her serve out the remainder of her 2 year sentence. However, she was paroled and returned to Italy after only 2 months. She served her remaining time paroled.
Suspected of involvement in a few thefts, and generally considered a sidekick to the Sapphire King and an accomplice to his crimes. There are also unconfirmed rumors of public indecency on a highway.
Psychological profile
After the Sapphire King escaped from Hebbleskin custody, the Sodality asked Celia to keep an eye on him and his activities. She fell in love with him, and started believing in his mission. However, a mission to help the poor gone wrong resulted in Jordan making some dangerous political enemies. They sent Houston police and federal agents after him. Celia, not wishing her love to be wrongly harmed, adopted the persona of "Taterbug" to assist him in his escape. She was later captured herself. Attempts by friends and psychologists to change her attitude proved fruitless. Jordan himself later staged her rescue.

Conclusion: Celia has gone from a revered member of the Sodality to a fugitive madly in love with the Sapphire King. She is generally harmless, but will go to great lengths to protect her common-law husband. Since both of them are considered a low threat level, they are to be monitored from a distance. Italian authorities have agreed to keep an eye on her, and she was last seen with an ankle monitor on terms similar to those given to Candi McArthur.
Physiology notes
Celia appeared to be in good health, but has a frail body structure. She cannot hold her own in a physical hand-to-hand brawl, relying on being sneaky and using stealth to pull off her missions. When she was transferred to the Houston facility, Mingmei watched over her to protect her from other inmates.

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