Sylvia Martius was the sweet child Herephin loved most and dearest. Alas, she got separated from her family and escaped into whatever dwelling places she could, awaiting the redemption of her kind from Varikton's tyranny. Eventually, she left clues to her older sister Cindy that she was still alive. Such clues gave new meaning to Cindy's life, as she had been without much sense of direction ever since her village was wiped out by Varikton's forces.

Eventually, Sylvia started developing the solar intolerance typical of her species. Her current foster family was attacked by Varikton's men, and Sylvia was forced to the surface. She arrived in Illontin City, where the locals did not recognize her as a Mosquatlon. Tabloids flew about the "vampire girl" being kept at the state's leisure at a local hospital. Sylvia became a state-funded publicity stunt, and lived for two years in the hospital being treated like a special needs child/cancer patient.

By sheer coincidence, she ends up sharing her room with a very ill Whiteout named Liquidon Ethereteel. Li and Sylvia quickly strike up a friendship, which in-turn leads to his befriending and eventual romance with Cindy.

One of Varikton's many moves towards letting his name be known and feared when he acquires muellexic technology is to abduct the Voyagers. Surely, the world would know he meant business that way! But...he forgot about Liquidon! He also meant to abduct Sylvia for breaking the masquerade early. No such luck. The Aviatets got to her first!

As the Night of the Whiteout mini-series gets started, Liquidon and Cindy mush pool their resources to rescue Sylvia, and then the Voyagers.

Final HopeEdit

By the Final Hope timeline, Sylvia is all grown up. She marries a Mosquatlon named Ryan Grady, and the two of them work for the Liberty Effort in their fights against Astrabolo's forces.

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