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Swappernetters is...

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In 2026, Society of the Icy Finger leader Rappaccini decided to pursue Judge Terry Beliah's amendments to the Kirby Act as a way to force SCALLOP to turn against the Sodality of Gerosha and imprison them, effectively removing the Icy Finger's single largest source of opposition as they teamed up with the Phaletori to conquer Phaeleel and Earth simultaneously - after discovering large deposits of hidden Marlquaanite rubies in Mozambique.


(This section is incomplete or pending.)


  • Tabby
  • Sarah
  • Tobias
  • Francine Smith - Tobi's babymama
  • Anda Hirano / Extirwraith: An Emotion Battery Marlquaanite from Japan long thought to be dead. Has returned to get revenge on Hatori Imokara.
  • Eric Johann / Bliksemhek
  • Warren Buntine / Rappaccini - Grand Overlord of the Society of the Icy Finger. Having narrowly survived the attack on his operation by Botan the Plant-Man, Rappaccini has placed the Chrome Kite in charge of Arkonia in order to completely erase the Gray Champion's legacy. He doesn't realize that the Twirlflame Trio is going to be a threat right away.

Hasam Arbini - President of Arkonia

Hatori Imokara - Secretary of Energy

Richard Swean - Secretary of Commerce

Gina Swinton - Secretary of Education

Will Clamdor - Top General

Birch Thunders - Secretary of Agriculture


  • Fonts: Kimono and Trench
  • Symbolism
  • Inspirations
  • Character appearances
  • Aesthetic

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