Being acquitted of all charges, Technitel and Pinxta are set free and allowed to reintegrate into mainstream society. The other Metallic Voyagers are missing without a trace. While Corphel Frank and Althorpe survive to aid la-Qualda in its role as a YPL syndicate on Statios, their power is significantly diminished due to the candy companies being destroyed. They deduce that they must make a last-ditch effort if they wish to maintain relevance. This involves plotting a full-out assault on Port Metaball and destroying it out of revenge. Otherwise, they fear, Astrabolo will arrive himself to finish the job.

The Voyagers run out of fuel and suffer damage to the Bindaf 3000 as they begin their Mantithian Campaign. This results in them being stranded in Illontin City and forced into the socio-political upheaval that they encounter there, made to choose sides in issues that have nothing to do with their main mission.


Episodes will be revealed on a later date

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