The following describes a Stationery Voyagers episode. For the Discovery Channel of Canada's series by the same name, see Stranded (television program) instead. For the Jimmy Neutron episode, see "Stranded" (Jimmy Neutron episode). For the Outer Limits episode, see "Stranded" (The Outer Limits).

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"Stranded" is the second episode of season 3 of Stationery Voyagers. It is the 35th episode overall.


Synopsis: The Voyagers' ship is soon confiscated by government, and they are greeted by a visit from the Secretary of Defense. Arrangements are made for them and for their ship; but they are to be given assignments later. They are allowed to find an apartment for their own stay—in a suburb of Illontin City. They soon discover that their guest home is not what it seems rather quickly; as everyone seems to be eying them with suspicion.

Nonpriel and company continue their pursuit, even after being lectured about their failures, and Lord Abberwadd decides to weigh in on watching the Voyagers while learning what he can of Antian culture. The Voyagers soon make an ally in Alaina Pluff, and Liquidon begins to fear that he's becoming too powerful.


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