Below is all the criminal record and psychological profile data that SCALLOP has ever had on Stephanie Barrin, the pilot of Strawberry, as of SCALLOP being decommissioned in 2060.

Recorded entriesEdit

Database of Criminal Phexos and Marlquaanites - Profile
Date of birth
Some time in 2001

"Strawberry" (pilot of)
Special private education via Lambrelli Labs
126 lbs.
Hair color
Place of origin
Ankeny, IA
Last known residence
Somewhere in Oklahoma
Freelance agent, former vigilante
Unaltered Human
Notable abilities
Skilled mechanic

  1. Arrested in court after confessing to being the vigilante "Strawberry."
  2. Arrested by SCALLOP agent Brian Mizgel, as part of a plan to get Candi placed in protective custody during the Senator Gobar debacle.
  3. Arrested and interned in 2026 following a political move to have Beliah's amendments to the Kirby Act repealed.
  1. Contempt of court (Torched knockout game thugs. Confessed to being Strawberry, to protect boss from harmful allegation.)
  2. Destruction of property
  3. Arson

  1. Served a two-week special for her first contempt of court charge. And was issued a restraining order.
  2. Released after second arrest, but returned to custody until suspicions of murder of a SWAT team were eliminated.
  3. Spent 1 month interned as part of agreement in exchange for lobbying to repeal parts of the Kirby Act.
    • Paroled for additional seven years afterward, under strict house arrest for first seven months.
  1. Contempt of court (2 counts, found guilty both times)
  2. Assault (multiple counts, most not pursued)
  3. Arson (2 counts, found guilty second time)
  4. Destruction of property (found guilty)
  5. Failure to appear (dropped)
  6. 2nd-degree murder (Multiple counts. Took out an entire black ops team (though she was able to successfully claim self-defense, and was acquitted.)
  7. Manslaughter (multiple counts regarding Screwworm agents invading her home. Ruled justified, and acquitted.)
Psychological profile
Between her parents' separation and getting back together, her mother's murder, her encounter with Microwave Mouth, and her having been stalked by Scott Morrisson, it is safe to say that Stephanie sometimes shows signs of PTSD. She has also been traumatized by her previous encounters with Morrisson, an attempted kidnapping by the faculty at a school she attended before enrolling in Lambrelli Academy, and by a severed link with one of her Strawberry units that may have caused her some minor brain damage when an EMP blast shorted out her Strawberry. In addition, she was raped in a college dorm room. Her experiences during the Kirby Act hearings also appear to have caused serious damage to her mental stability, as she has required hospitalization. Hallucinations - and what seem like early onset of dementia - have been noted. Stress and various obsessive-compulsive behaviors have manifested in her over time, as has severe depression.

Conclusion: SCALLOP is monitoring the situation, but Lambrelli Labs personnel are making certain she receives all the counseling and therapy she needs.
Physiology notes
She has small scratches, scars, and some minor internal bodily damage from all her close encounters. It is unknown if the damaged areas near her skull are due to inheriting her father's proneness to psychological issues, or due to the shorting out of her control system during the EMP blast in Des Moines that took out one of her Strawberry droids.

Multiversal statisticsEdit

Stephanie was only acknowledged as existing as late on in continuity development as Comprehensive Gerosha, when only the first Pilltar story had been figured out. As such, her criminal record was not deduced until 2013, when a plot summary was first deduced for Pilltar 2. Stephanie has been arrested once formally by Des Moines police in-universe, and once formally by SCALLOP. She's been "called in" a few times for various reasons, but has been able to avoid being formally arrested and booked. Like Candi, she was under surveillance for 5 years following the Gobar incident. Following the events in Battle for Metheel, Stephanie and Candi were both issued tethers to be worn on their legs.

From the time she was taken in by Brian until her tether came off, Stephanie has served a grand total of 3 months of actual cumulative jail time. This is in spite her name being cleared in the Gobar incident, and had more to do with schedule conflicts between her operations at Lambrelli Labs conflicting with her meetings with SCALLOP personnel leading to numerous failure-to-appear violations.

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