The following is a partial list of the various models of real-life stationery that inspired the cast of Stationery Voyagers.

Character Real-Life Model
Bindaf 3000 Crew
Pextel Pentel Click-It PD15, teal, 2000, 0.5mm lead
Rhodney Antilles Gillette Papermate Write Bros. Red Pen
Oceanoe Hendelbin Gillette Papermate Write Bros. Blue Pen
Marlack Inkripe Gillette Papermate Write Bros. Black Pen
Pinkella Goldsen American Crafts pink gel pen
Viola Hunt American Crafts purple gel pen
Neone Delft Pilot Spotlighter Supreme Highlighter in yellow
Liquidon Ethereteel Gillette Liquid Paper Pen, 2000 model year
Cybomec Bic 0.7mm mechanical pencil, zebra lightning pattern painted on with Gillette Liquid Paper white-out and laminated to surface of pencil.
Bulgie Pilot Precise V5 Rolling Ball Pen
Technitel Pentel Techniclick PD105T, black, 2000, 0.5mm lead
General Bluque Rentin Pentel Champ AL15
Caloride Bic 0.7mm mechanical pencil, coated with white-out on outer surface and fire pattern painted on with Sharpie Pens. Flame pattern then laminated for protection.
King Neotondo Sanford Major Accent Highlighter in Yellow
Captain Nonpriel Pilot BP-S Fine-Tip Red Pen
Jarvis Bic Round Stic Medium-Tip Green Pen
Pinkata Crayola Overwriters Under Color Pink Marker, ca 1994 model
Astrabolo (possibly) Adco Marketing TR-25 Bubble Pen, blue, originally handed out for use by Lansing Community Collge as a promotional gimick.
Preamble Pentel HotShots A155T blue, ca 1998, 0.7mm lead
Tempest Curl-Clipped Down-Pen of unknown manufacturer, shaped for promotional use for Lansing Community College
Humbidial Down-Pen of unknown manufacturer, also promotional for Lansing Community College originally
Elizaro Pilot Better Retractable Fine Red (Down-)Pen
Philidrio Sanford PhD 2001 model black, 0.5mm lead
Kelday Navy Blue Gelly Roll Metallic Gel Pen

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