"Stationery Voyagers" is a theme song for the drama series by the same name in development by Dozerfleet Productions.


There were originally two other versions of this song; both of which were intended to be significantly lighter and faster in tone. This is largely due to the fact that the proposed series has gone through numerous revisions to its content since it was first conceived in 2000.

The original lyrics associated with the tune were far more expository in nature than the current lyrics:

2000 lyricsEdit

It / all started / in the house / of a college-bound Pencil!/

Accident / experiment / became a robot named Pextel! /

Teamed up with friends / who are Pens; /
They will explore their galaxy! /

Knowledge / gathered / and wit; /
They'll use it! / To obstruct further tyranny!/...

2007 lyricsEdit

Fear / piracy / tyranny!/

Freedom's worst fears arising!/...

Official lyricsEdit

The current version, created in 2010, is done in a slow, gothic-celtic style. It is set to a very slow tempo, and was designed to have the feel of an Evanescence song. In fact, the Evanescence song "Field of Innocence" off their album Origin was used as a style template for the current lyrics. Additional music influences include the official musical score for Heroes developed by Wendy and Lisa as well as several Celtic pop groups like Clannad and Dutch groups like Within Temptation. In fact, Within Temptation's song "Our Solemn Hour" was used for an ad titled "What Stationery Voyagers Has to Offer," in addition to the program's familiar glass celesta chime.

Due to the Voyager theme's refrain's note progression bearing coincidental similarity to Kevin MacLeod's "What You Want," the lyric-free version of that song was used to depict a fight scene in The Sims 3: Late Night between Nikolai and Cindy as possible animatics for "Crepuscular."


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"Stationery Voyagers"

Beginning of song

[Instrumental intro]

First VerseEdit

Not far away, / came a day; /
Our worst fears / were.../arising! /

Dip- / -lomats then / shaped like Pens!/
Sought / to undo / its rising! /

Empires great / must debate;/
How to preserve / survival!/

Nations still free / soon could be!/
Dead upon / the arrival! /


[Stationery! / Stationery! /
Stationery / Voyagers!/] x2

Second VerseEdit

Worldviews / that dash / to the clash! /
Will sway their / destination! /

Universe torn / from its Lord! /
Harkens its / devastation! /

Some / broken lives / take the skies!/
To find a resolution!/

End to the grief! / For relief!/
They will find / their / solution!/

[Repeat Chorus]

[Choir chant and instrumental out]

End of song

© 2010 Dozerfleet Records.

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