Sprucethirst Refreshments Co.
Locations Feltipwa, Stato
Purpose Candy manufacturing
Drug trafficking
Sex trafficking
Air fresheners
First appearance "The Wages of Cheating Death"

The Sprucethirst Refreshments Company, or Sprucethirst for short, is a candy and air freshener manufacturing facility located in Feltipwa on the world of Statios in Stationery Voyagers. Its rival company is Bubblespeck Gum; but by the timeline of "Settling," the two companies have reluctantly fully merged.


Boris and Terra Bovinez, the parents of Katrina Mantalone, are the only known members of Sprucethirst so far. When Astrabolo's Yehtzig Pirate League tried to blackmail Sprucethirst's company president into not offering a promotion to Boris, they were initially denied. Out of revenge, they sent a hitman to drug Boris' daughter Katrina and kidnap her. But before the drugs delivered in the fired dart from the hitman's gun took full effect, Katrina was rescued by her then-boyfriend Glario Mochsund.

Glario, having been exposed to an Eros gas grenade, was overwhelmed with sexual arousal. The hitman pursued the couple with a holvimid camera and spied on them. Under the influence of the drugs, Katrina and Glario succumbed to one another. The sex video was then shown to the Sprucethirst company president and to Boris. Overcome with shame, Boris committed suicide. The shock of the news caused Terra and Katrina to go into hiding separately. The Sprucethirst president entered into underground drug business deals with his rivals Fuschion and Rosetta Goldsen at Bubblespeck, as a means of appeasement. The two companies began talking about a merger.

During Althorpe's terrorist raid on Port Metaball, Sprucethirst agents betray Corphel Frank in the drug deals and help Althorpe destroy the Bubblespeck factory in order to keep Statonian authorities from finding any evidence. Eventually, Sprucethirst is also destroyed, by the Statonian government. New companies emerge to manufacture candy, taking advantage of the fact that the two-way monopoly created by Sprucethirst and Bubblespeck is broken. However, Authoritarian Party delegates in Stato defeat Bulgie's corporate sovereignty protection bill, and the new companies become heavily policed to prevent Astrabolo from creating any more drug cartels and brothels.


  • The name "Sprucethirst" is a parody of Pinehearst, from NBC's Heroes. Just like Pinehearst, Sprucethirst is a front for various illicit activities.
  • Katrina is the sexual "deviant" in the morally-upright Bovinez family, and her last name is changed to Mantalone for her mother's protection. This makes her a foil to Pinkella Goldsen, who was the sole saint in the Goldsen family working at the equally corrupt Bubblespeck.

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