"Socially Recycle This Turkey" is an episode of Ferris State Live produced by the fall 2009 TVPR 499 class at Ferris State University. Produced on November 30th and aired on December 3rd of 2009, it is the twelfth show of the 2009-2010 season.


Social networking explodesEdit

It was Hall Director Carrie Rogers' turn to come on the show, and did she ever have anything to talk about. Facebook is everywhere, or so she claimed.

"Employers can see every dirty thing about you," Scott complained about the obvious.

"Perhaps," Carrie pointed out, "But if you engage in any behavior anywhere and a friend of yours has a Facebook, then employers can see you doing things your friends put up, whether or not you want it there. Don't count on your friends to always exercise sound judgment."

Facebook, as of the episode, had over 150 million users. And according to Nielson ratings, social networks have surpassed traditional e-mail in terms of how often these sites are visited. Facebook alone has a bigger population than Japan.

Later, the trio on stage brought up that businesses can actually benefit from social networking hype.

Recycle thisEdit

Angela Eick, the president of Ferris Recyclers, showed up to talk about her favorite RSO. She brought up that it was a hassle getting recycling programs started in each residence hall, but that they managed. Angela promised that in the future, there'd be better signs on recycling bins to remove any ambiguity about their specific purposes.

Leah pondered why there was a recycling program, to which Angela responded that it would be too inconvenient for students to recycle otherwise. In ten years, recycling in the US has doubled.

Turkeys reading magazinesEdit

Scott and Sandy complained about eating too much turkey. Then they talked magazines. Crimson and Gold had been around forever, according to Sandy. Ferris Magazine, a twice-a-year publication, would take what Crimson and Gold already does and expand on it.

Finally, they rejoiced that the hockey team was doing well.

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