Slovak Girls: Keepin' Summer HOT!!! is a slideshow documentary video co-produced by Dozerfleet Productions and Luka Underground. It documents the existence of underground amateur swimsuit modeling in Slovakia, giving a small sampling of names of amateur models.


The following 27 models were featured in the special presentation:

  • Edita
  • Elena
  • Erika
  • Ivana F.
  • Ivana M.
  • Ivana S.
  • Jana
  • Janette
  • Julia
  • Lenka
  • Lucia
  • Marcella
  • Michaela K.
  • Michaela S.
  • Michaela U.
  • Monika K.
  • Monika O.
  • Natalia
  • Paulina
  • Ruzena
  • Sandra
  • Silvia K.
  • Silvia T.
  • Tinah
  • Veronika T.
  • Veronika J.
  • Zuzana



From late June through to late July of 2008, the Dozerfleet founder and former love interest Martushka Lukacovicova planned to make a video together that would aid the latter in paying tribute to some of her acquaintances back in her old country of Slovakia. Marta decided that one way to show the world what Slovakian women of today do with their time was to demonstrate the underground amateur models that are emerging within Slovak communities. Collecting a series of sample pictures, she then had them sent to the Dozerfleet Productions Summer Headquarters in South Bond Hall of Ferris State University.


Over the course of the week from July 20th until the evening of July 23rd, the pictures were put through aspect ratio and color correction drills in Photoshop until they were deemed visually appealing enough to effectively give fair representation to the models.

The models were organized into a slideshow of clips of them in their swimsuits in various poses. Name keys would dissolve in and out as images would dissolve from one model to the next or from one model's pose to the next.


The music track mixture that was used for this consisted of two songs off of the 50 Cent album Curtis. The intro song was "Fly From the Inside" by Shinedown off their album Leave a Whisper. The two 50 Cent songs that feature are "Fire" and "Ayo Technology."

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