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"Settling" is the fifth episode of Stationery Voyagers. It emphasizes the Voyagers' and Skidders' efforts to cope when their journeys take uncomfortable turns. It further develops Neone Delft as a character and introduces Marlack Inkripe a little more.


Pextel and Ribando finish talking, and Pextel is sent into training with the other Voyagers. Marlack Inkripe is revealed, and he soon joins them in training.

Garret gets wounded in a battle against Althorpe's men, who have converted a few Mechies to their cause. Katrina, angry about losing Garret, tries to get his temporary replacement Will Rook to understand her desire to find Glario.

Neone struggles to make due working as a call girl for Pentacko. She befriends fellow prostitute Susani Malone and regular customer Carl Worniti in the process. While Susani and Carl are initially reluctant to offer advice, they soon take pity on Neone and sympathize with her desire to escape.


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