The Seminar Video Reels are video reels assembled by various members of the Spring 2010 Seminar in Production class at Ferris. All 12 students enrolled in Clayton's class that semester were expected to assemble a video reel demonstrating their best work.

Relevance to DozerfleetEdit

Given the push of Dozerfleet to become more mainstream, producing a reel of past and present work provides a perfect opportunity for the Dozerfleet founder to gain more recognition in the greater world of entertainment. As such, several works are being considered for entry into the reel. Currently, the reel is expected to be of past films and video projects, but some stills from Dozerfleet Comics may also be valid entries.

Dozerfleet founder's demo reelEdit

Due to its length, the Dozerfleet founder's demo reel was divided into several features. The Dozerfleet Demo Montage of May 2010 was the beginning. It featured works that were shown in a little more detail in a Ferris Samples Collage. There were also other works in a Dozerfleet Samples Collage. A Dozerfleet Comics Collage dwelt on works such as Ciem, Ciem 2, and Stationery Voyagers. Finally, there was a bonus audio feature dubbed "Trapezoid Radio."

The initial demo reel would be replaced in January of 2011 with "A Decade of Ambition." That piece itself was followed up with a DVD compilation dubbed 3 Ways About It.

Ferris showcasesEdit

The following works were intended for use on the Ferris Access Channel, and involved the Dozerfleet founder in their production, gathered here into this brief montage:

Dozerfleet ShowcasesEdit

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