"Screened Festivities" is an episode of Ferris State Live produced by the spring 2010 TVPR 499 class at Ferris State University. Produced on February 1st and aired on February 4th of 2010, it is the third show of the spring semester of 2010 and the 16th episode of the 2009-2010 season overall.


Free screenings, anyone?

Bob Buckingham, Assistant Dean of Clinical Affairs, opened by talking about the Community Health Fair that was coming up. Leah asked: "What is it?" Bob replied that all the health-related majors would be showing up and offering free screenings to everyone. Scott wondered what screenings that meant, and Bob mentioned that random passersby could test for the following: glaucoma, high blood pressure, risk of diabetes, body mass index, and cancer risk tests. Immunization evaluations would also be a part of the menu.

Bob insisted that the screens are in fact free, and would be held in the hallway of Wink Arena, between hockey and basketball. Due to the screenings being so successful, they are held twice a year. Leah followed up that it was a great gimmick to get more public awareness of what the health field students are actually learning. Scott wondered if there'd be any literature available, and Bob assured them that there would be brochures available.

The three finished by talking about the new Michigan College of Optometry building that was going up. Bob joked about how his office had already been chosen for him. All were glad to see that most of the optometry clinic would be operating on the first floor, as opposed to the old school being on floors 5 and 6 in Pennock Hall.

Feeling festive

Scott Cohen showed up, credited as being on the Festival of the Arts Board of Directors. He gave a brief history of who was in charge of it from time to time. What Scott pointed out a previous board member noted about the festival is that it was demonstrating a divide in Big Rapids. The north and south ends of Michigan Ave. were becoming two very different cultures that were arbitrarily segregating from each other rather than coming together meaningfully. Apparently, that was a problem that needed fixing.

February is the official month for having that festival, according to Scott, because February in Big Rapids is barbarically cold. The weather up there that time of year is also very dark and overcast. Therefore, he reasons, everyone gets cabin fever and it makes on-campus residents and townies even less likely to want to do anything with each other. Supposedly, an arts festival would counter-act that depression.

Leah brought up how amazed she was at the previous year's art festival. There was everything at it from music to sand sculpting. Scott brought up that all manner of artists of varying talents got to show up; not just experts.

Even more feeling festive

Sandy said he likes that fact that many going to the festival that Scott Cohen mentioned come from all over Big Rapids; not just from on-campus residents. Scott Roman and Sandy both enjoyed that the Festival isn't limited to one type of art, nor to one building. Even the Blue Cow restaurant was participating. Sandy then began reiterating what the two Scotts had already covered, and urged once again that everyone should check out the Ferris website for more news about the festival.

Also, Sandy mentioned that a discussion of the Berlin Wall falling appealed to his memories of being in history class.

The two suddenly realized they hadn't mentioned sports at all, and changed subject to talk about men's basketball. Findlay posed a threat to the Bulldogs, but Sandy claimed that Ferris was starting to get its act together after losing to Northern. Sandy finished with saying that if Ferris could get into the Top Four of its region, it'd be doing okay.

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