Sandra Tinsel is a very minor character who appears briefly in The Gerosha Chronicles of Dozerfleet Comics. She is canon only to Classic and Comprehensive Geroshas, where she was set to appear in Ciem 2 and Ciem: Nuclear Crisis. Like her parents, she was written out for Sodality.

Character bio

After witnessing her mother's murder, she fled with her father Andrew Tinsel into hiding. The two of them eventually find themselves on a bus in downtown Dirbine/Evansville. An assassination attempt is made on them involving rocket launchers. However, the plan is foiled when Ciem intervenes. Sandy soon finds herself and her father taken in by a kind old woman named Betsy Stanson. Sandy later identifies Ciem hitting the windshield of their car, and insists they stop and collect her before something bad can happen to her. Sandy is one of those who greets Candi when she comes to. Sandy's fate after that moment is unknown.


Sandy was not sought out for very deep character development. She is a typical scared, sweet child, not unlike Maria Sanmarcos or the ghost of Angie Levens. She was ultimately more of a plot device than an actual character.


Sandy as a concept was intended to be a child for Andrew Tinsel to look after while he was on the run and in hiding. This served two purposes primarily: establish Andrew as a sympathetic character, and make Lloyd Kolumn look more depraved as a villain. Her scene on the bus with Andrew was modeled after a train scene in the film Mercury Rising.

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