Sanction Harlem is a minor villain from the Meshalutian Trilogy novella Cursed is the Ground. She is depicted visually only briefly, and in a flashback sequence. Yet, her poem drives the plot.

Character bioEdit

Early MassachusettsEdit

After a string of mayhem unleashes itself on a Massachusetts village, caused by the Cult of Meshaluta, other factions of witches side with law enforcement to weed the troublemakers out. However, the cult is able to flee the latest witch hunt against them. Only one of the witches, Sanction Harlem, is actually captured. She remains fairly quiet as she is led to the gallows. However, she takes advantage of her last words by sending a beehive to attack one of the executioners. She recites a cryptic poem that includes a reference to "cursed is the ground" (Genesis 3:17) in it, along with other cryptic clues that nobody understands at the time. Right as she finishes, the backup executioner pulls a lever. She begins dangling from the noose shortly thereafter, and dies of strangulation after an hour of struggle. As the bees alone subside, wild hogs follow her command and attack the executioners. Said hogs reduce them to skeletons.

Sanction's poemEdit

Bear will stalk while you’re awake;

Till your every bone will shake!

Cursed is the Ground!!!!

Cursed is the Ground!!!!

Under Meshaluta’s spell;

Earth for Rintolins is Hell!

Ground will sink beneath your feet;

Poison monsters are your treat!

Cursed is the Ground!

Cursed is the Ground!!!!

There is only one safe route;

Put the curse in utter doubt!

Accidental substitute;

Gives the marked new resolute!

Then through blood or bloodlines will

Unwilling visionary chill!

Join the family by mistake;

And the curse again will shake!

Cursed is the Ground!

Cursed is the Ground!!!…

To save the curse, the order here…

Thirty souls; eleven years!

Related to the cursed family…or else it's our own pity!

For if we lose a youth then…”

Cursed is the Ground!

Cursed is the Ground!!!

Cursed is the GroundEdit

Main article: Cursed is the Ground

Sanction's poem, and details of her execution, later appear in Jared Rintel's dream. He shares details about it with Trisha Montoya while they are in the forest fleeing from Yenti Roy. The poem is of particular interest, as it contains clues to their survival.

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