"Salt the Raging Hamster" is the second song off the the Every Ape and His Brother album The Chicken of the Opera. It is a parody of "Puff the Magic Dragon."


"Salt the Raging Hamster" was written as a response to the Dozerfleet founder's sister, who owned a dwarf hamster named Salt that was notorious for biting.


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"Salt the Raging Hamster"

Verse oneEdit

Salt/the Raging Hamster... / Lived in a cage... /
Until the day that she broke out / in an endless fit of rage! /

Swallowed the college gal / that kept her as a pet! /
Then the hamster grew giant-sized! / Couldn't be caught in a net! /

Verse twoEdit

Oh! / Salt the Raging Hamster! /
Grew / 80 feet tall! /

And body bags were everywhere! /
The day she attacked the mall! /

Who'd've thought a hamster / could cause such homocide? /
And flesh was missing from her e- / very single victim's hide! /

Verse threeEdit

Oh! / Salt the Raging Hamster / climbed Empire State! /
And any planes that got too close! / Well the hamster simply ate!/
Finally that hamster! / Calmed down from her rampage! /

The FBI couldn't track her down! / She just crawled back to her cage! /

Lyrics © 2008 Dozerfleet Records.

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