S-chip Interpreters are interface devices in the Stationery Voyagers universe that allow mechanized beings to interact with the living, but without being inserted into a Librionic body.

Advantages over Librion bodiesEdit

There are several reasons why an S-chip may be inserted into an Interpreter rather than a Librion:

  1. Monitors render a visual of the soul inside an S-chip as a human bodily form, allowing the being's "true self" to be seen on screen by the living.
  2. An Interpreter attached to a ship control deck allows an S-chip's spirit to take control of an entire spaceship, thus making the craft sentient.
  3. Phantomitics work differently in an Interpreter than in a Librion, so interviews may be conducted with malevolent mechanized beings without giving them phantomars to telekinetically use as weapons.
  4. Interpreters limit an S-chip's mobility, often making the S-chip's captured soul able to interact with the environment but still dependent on others for portability. By contrast, a Librion body allows the S-chip to go wherever they wish upon act of their own free will.
  5. Interpreters do not require radioactive lead-balzhite fuel rods to power themselves. Librions usually require such an energy source to function.
  6. Interpreters may be neurally linked to a living being's brain, allowing a being in an S-chip direct access into the mind of said living being.

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