"Run, Jerry, Run" is a song by Every Ape and His Brother, off the Christmas album Winter Horrorland. It is a parody of "Run, Rudolph, Run" by Chuck Berry, as also a sequel to "Jerry the Psycho Reindeer."


This sequel envisions Jerry - now with hands instead of hooves in front - carrying an entire arsenal of weapons. His life was suddenly devoid of purpose after slaughtering all of the reindeer he felt need to take vengeance upon. And with Santa also dead, he needed some place to go. He finds himself working for Krampus, punishing kids who commit heinous crimes during the holidays.


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"Run, Jerry, Run"


Out of all the reindeer, you're one with a twisted mind!

Run, run, Jerry, time to kick the brats' behinds!


Run, run Jerry! Krampus is arriving in town!

The brats had better worry, cause yer gonna mow them all right down!

Tear 'em up, Jerry; till there's not a single piece that's found!

First verseEdit

Said Krampus to a boy child: "This world won't take your crap anymore!"

He stole his daddy's money at 14; and with it, bought him a whore!

And then away went Jerry, chainsawing like Leatherface! The gore!

[Repeat chrous]

Second verseEdit

Said Krampus to a girl child: "Thought you'd get away, wanna bet?"

She helped her crooked mother commit check fraud; and they ripped off the vet!

And then along came Jerry, he whacked 'em with his bazooka set!

[Repeat chorus]

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