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"Rodeo" is the sixth episode of Stationery Voyagers, and is the first episode to explore in-depth the origin story of Marlack Inkripe. It also explores the rivalry between Neone Delft and Clandish Consto.


The Voyagers get a day off from training, and try to keep a low profile in town. However, all that is changed when Marlack's grandfather is abducted during a botched robbery. Pextel and Rhodney agree to help Marlack attempt a rescue when it's clear how much he is disturbed.

Katrina finds evidence that a Mechie may have been involved in the robbery, and joins the hunt in spite Pextel advising her that she not put her unborn child in danger. She argues that without Glario, the child has no future. She playfully tells Pinkella that she needs to "borrow the boyfriend" for a mission, and Pinkella playfully chides her back to "not break him."

Marlack begins reminiscing his vows to his grandfather, including his desire to earn the right to inherit then Inkripe Ranch. He also has recollections of his sister; who similar to Katrina, was sexually assaulted by YPL pirates and impregnated. Meanwhile, Neone discovers Carl dead and then witnesses Susani's murder.

In spite the vindictive Consto stalking her, Neone makes a desperate attempt to escape that results in a car chase through the streets of Nabijab with the madman in hot pursuit.


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